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I got cake like it my birthday..i put on my funny cape @jabbawockeez

When lights go off,a typical kenyan will look outside to make sure the neighbours are in darkness . What jealousy?

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  • I speak my mind i dont mind wat i speak Another one @_ma.dagascan @mk psi.beta

    Hardwork beats talent when talent fails to work hard

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  • You niggas just run your mouth My niggas we run this shit @wanaspoti

    You on the side of the boss So you kind of the boss Keep playing with me i end up signing your boss; I loved this song 4am 2chainz ft travis scott...... legends

    Fuck up some commas

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  • Dont hate on me coz am swaggy

    I love jabbawockeeez.......**best dancers ever# @ swagpitt

    Show em duces.....oh shit, i kriss em duces an roll on my kriss kross!