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Follow me to keep up with my poetry 🙏🏾 every bit of support means so much, thank you all for the positive feedback, the compliments, and everything. I’ve been inspired to write more. And I will show love to everyone that supports or gives me a s/o. Be blessed everyone

I wish I had love like that I can open up love, that we can buy a pup love, that lets share a cup love, that love like no other, that love from a mother, that love you’ll remember forever, that I got you love, that she’s not you love, that always new love, that love that makes you feel alive again, makes you feel this life again...have you ever had that love? It’s the kind of love that comes with trust, the kind of love where each does what they must, the kind of love that makes you forget lust, the kind of love in a bubble nobody can bust...I wish I had that let me rub your back love, there is nothing that it lacks love, that everyone else is wack a world of y’all own, together y’all have grown, got a lot on y’all heart and even more to say, the kind of love that you don’t have to pay, where you love each other for better or worse, where you finally feel like this love is the end of your curse, the kind of love where you work to make sure she doesn’t reach in her purse, not because she demands it but because you were willing to pay it first...I wish I had that never lose hope love that you can help me cope love...but the thing about this kind of this is that addictive love, that vindictive love, that restrictive hurts to love so you fall in love with the pain afflictive love.. Incomplete.. - King Blackwell 🤴🏿

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  • I just suck at taking pictures tbh.

    Sometimes you have to escape to find peace..

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  • Appreciate the view...everything you see, you may never view it in that light again. Capture the moment.. #flight #flightclub #travelphotography #travel #peace #Happiness

    My h a p p i n e s s 😂😋 My P e a c e 😌🌊 My L o v e ❤️🌹 I’m be taking another amazing vacation I was blessed to have the opportunity to take, with my beautiful girlfriend after saying my goodbyes and getting breakfast with my dad who, along with my girlfriend and my own perseverance has given me peace. Life is amazing. I’m blessed to be here today.

    Headshot 👨🏾‍💼

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  • Baby saw it chapter


    And y’all do not understand how bad I mean this. Like tbh if a friend ask me for something and it’s something I’m capable of doing, I’ll do it. Regardless of whether it’s somebody needing food, emotional support, rides to work, some of my stuff, I do it because that’s what friends do, and I don’t charge my friends for nothing, unless I really can’t afford it. Crazy thing is, a lot of times money is on the table, so all people really ask for is time. I charge people I don’t know. Strangers. Y’all real funny acting when it comes to giving, but be the first ones with y’all hands out when y’all need something from somebody or need to finesse something. I don’t know who raised y’all like that, but it should be embarrassing to behave like that and y’all really don’t deserve any friends, since y’all don’t know the value of friendship. If money comes before your friends and family in your life, that only tells me that you are broke, but since everybody is taking vacations and posting pictures acting like they living lavish lifestyles, that couldn’t possibly be the case could it? 🤔🤔 or maybe y’all need to get off of social media trying to be something you aren’t and go to work.

    It’s just business as usual.

    Don’t make a sound ... 🤐🤫

    Lol these the real steps I’m hitting, the other steps just had a better picture.

    Hit the steps...



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