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BIG on big no exercise❌ I dripp even harder in da winter time 💧☠️ #LLMOE


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  • Ween talk in like a week straight, I been all on da interstate 🤫💰 #LLMOE$

    Hoe want me to fly her out to cali 🌴🤷🏽‍♂️ Ima take her straight to spark street #LLMOE$

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  • Ima big dawgg 🤷🏽‍♂️💰 yall niggas shitzus🐶 #LLMOE💚

    Flex in heaven big brutha I miss you so much man 💔 I love you , && ima keep yo name alive you still live threw me man I miss my dawgg 😩

    Chasing real bag 🖕🏽💰 #LLMOE$

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  • And i keep a hard DICK for your girl friend to wobble on 😝 #LLMOE$

    Balling like the play off NBA take off 🤧🤑#Bally #LLMOE$

    Wce 🌹

    Free both of my dawgs out that chain gain AYEE 🖕🏾👮🏼‍♂️ #LLMOE

    Fuck what ANY NIGGA SAY I got all the drip🤫🤮 #LLMOE

    No stylist can style this Shit I drip on a whole nother planet LLMOE

    Waannn waannn BITCH IM LIL BABY🤷🏽‍♀️💰 #LLMOE🤑

    Ian picture this shit I was sleepin wit roaches and mices 🛌🐀 #LLMOE$&G

    They thinking I lost it I remind you niggas I can get fly li nigga 🚫🧢 #LLMOE🔌

    Candy lady want smoke cause I been serving all da neighbors 💧💰