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i wanted to say something inspirational for world mental health day but it’s probably going to come out badly (: if you’re suffering with MH, things WILL get better. no matter how hard things are, how much you hate yourself, how empty your future plans look, things can change. your mental health can cloud your mind and make you feel as though you have nothing to live for. but once you manage to get past that stage in your life, there is SO much to live for. but yeah moral of the story: i’m doing so many things which, at one point in my life, i never thought I’d be able to do. life is good, i have AMAZING friends, i’m doing a course i love at uni, i enjoy my days and i’m excited for my future #worldmentalhealthday

how I feel about one more sleep till holiday✈️

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  • 👼🏼

    smiles in the sun🌝

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  • me and my very white armpit

    well done to @sam carr9999 for managing to get a picture of two mermaids !!

    Twen☕️ and off to an exam xxxx


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