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Cause my split the shit🤙🏾🤸🏾‍♂️

And i am crushing on myself bit🤤🥰

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  • We just go so 🖕🏾'n hard💛🤩🤫🦍

    “ pretty gang sir , pretty gang-STER “ 🤪

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  • Never needed a stylist i'm too fly for that 🖤🥰👠

    Missing some lashes 🙄🍯


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  • 🖤💕fair date

    I could never be cloned, i could never be bought SO PUSSY HOE GET BIKE ain cutting no slack🎒👠💛❤️🤩🤫

    🤫😋until lata

    Purdy thanggs🕊☺️🧡

    Made myself look like money🤑 i think it's called selfmade,self paid📣💰

    She then went & got her hair orange 🧡 I think her name Tootsiee☺️🤨🤧

    Got yo girl looking SUPER WEAK🙈🤤🤡❤️🤪😍

    Bald head hoe shit 🧡🤣🤸🏾‍♀️

    The Tootsiee Roll yo nigga wanna lick👅🍫🍬