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We are all flawed and perfection is something I feel we tirelessly chase, until we find refuge in God’s PERFECT PEACE ✨ I’m a living testimony, and I can attest that striving for perfection does nothing but kill the beauty of your flaws! Your “flaws” are the perfect imperfections that make you, YOU! Don’t ever allow things that have happened to you, become your identity! Spend more time learning to love your flaws and watch how quickly you realize your true beauty 💕 Photo credits: @robhillsr inspiration: my best @aerialsb_ (she helped bring this out of me ✨ ) #WednesdayWord

you feel the vibe, it’s contagious 🥂

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  • I had to stop doubling back and just reset ✨

    The Debut 🎱

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  • Baby P, come on please! 😂💕 your mom and I have had enough lol Yesterday (as well as these last few months of planning ) have been nothing short of funny and fulfilling! Oh and btw, this is MEEMEE & SHE DOES MY HAIR! 🗣 (please stop asking me this 😩 ) Baby P, you’re so loved and yesterday was amazing! Soon come! 🙃

    Today was real, today was magical, today was my biggest leap of faith! It took a team, and I want to thank each and every person that reposted, referred, text, called, picked something up, printed something off, gave insight, did WHATEVER genuine act of thoughtfulness to make this very day happen! It’s been a long time coming and I’m so relieved 😂 my new bae’s about to take off and take over! 🤑 I have so much in store! #MBR the gangggg 🤙🏾‼️ I love y’all (I’m gonna post the blood, sweat, and tears caption version on Facebook ) 😂🙄

    extending a special thank you to all of my ladies that have trusted me to train them this weekend, to the ladies inquiring on my NEXT group seminar, and to everyone who helped push me into this new chapter 💕 I’m truly humbled and grateful to be in the position I’m in! | @minxbyraven

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  • #TalkToMeNice 💰

    Usually the pics are taken before the lituation, switched the order and this is the outcome a bottle of champagne later 🍾🔥.. it’s all there! 🤧