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We are taking tonight’s cornhole league championships very seriously. Photo and photoshopping credit to @davegutter #cobras #cornhole #cascobaysports

Might as well get the mountain on my last evening here too... gorgeous sunset tonight. #nofilter #mtkatahdin #camp

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  • Hot and hazy but it’s not gonna ruin my favorite kayaking view whatsoever.

    What 10 pm looks like in Alaska. #nofilter #nosunset

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  • My how fast they grow up. Today I’m heeding Bob Barker’s advice and Arya is getting spayed. I don’t think I can call her a kitten any longer. 😧

    Kitten. Check. Patriots socks that I wore during 28-3 comeback. Check. Now can we just get to kickoff already?! #gameday #GoPats!


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  • Kitten update: getting bigger but still cute! And for once letting me watch the Celtics in peace without attacking me every 15 seconds. #Arya #4months

    My very first fire plus Stranger Things = solid Tuesday night.

    Arya isn’t very captivated by the Emmy’s tonight. #DCpublicschools

    Camp photo numero uno de 2017. #canistayhereforever?

    Fun with Boston's manholes.

    I'm pretty excited about my new bedroom. Not gonna lie.

    #patriots #christmassweaters #fireball #boats

    How to do football.

    38th floor wedding in Beantown tonight with @bobcharestband