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New commercial for @theaxislife 💫 Worked with the dream team @emilievnolan @taychoww @melissadawnbessey @dulcedomodels


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  • Guys, do you want to know THE SECRET to feeling good and/or losing weight? It’s sugar! We are consuming excessive amounts of sugar daily. It’s up to us to educate ourselves and being a conscious consumer. Next time you go out grocery shopping, I encourage you to look at nutritional value table and sugar content... your almond/coconut milk, different healthy snack bars, even your protein bar contain SO much sugar. Corporate food brands trick us with labels, but what You should know is that those labels contain much more sugar and chemical content. The only sugar we need is the one that comes from fruit! Period! Average North American eats 19 teaspoons of sugar per day. (4gr =1 tsp ) when daily limit is only 6tsps. And what sugar does to your body, is just a whole different topic. Simply watch #ThatSugarFilm and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Stay Healthy 💘

    When you take a lil nap on set 😅

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  • Feeling like million ✨bucks in this @victoriahayescollection dress at @tfw

    Life wouldn’t be the same without a bestie like you

    Love it how touristing around your own city can open up many new places, spots, cafés. Also, I hope many ladies can agree; but if you train your men well, they can become best photographers for IG shots.

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  • 💜

    sightseeing - in reality means walking 20+ km per day

    dinner with a view

    peace of mind 🕊

    panoramic windows light #chezlavelle

    golden hour glow

    “carry yourself with love and you will attract gold “

    #bts at @apresnoir



    tropical state of mind