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As a lady that loves plants, 🌻🌱🏵️🌿🌷🌱🌼🍃🌺💋 #PoisonIvy is my queen so I was obviously very excite to cosplay her! 💚💛🧡❤️ . Full costume / wig / Makeup / mask all made and done by me! . Makeup from @surrealmakeup Costume fabric from @cosplayfabrics I have a pattern for the mask posted! : ) 🍁👄🍁 . . . . #batmanandrobin #poisonivycosplay #redhead #umatherman #batmancosplay #batmanandrobincosplay #halloweencostume

I'm itching to make a new #overwatch cosplay! 💙 . #TalonWidowmaker & Lucio cosplay all made by me! 🕷️ #Tracer by: @spiidermom 🧡 #Lucio: @pug nugget 🐸 . I have the tutorial for Talon Widowmaker Makeup and full costumes available to patrons! 🤗 . . . #overwatchcosplay #talonwidowmakercosplay #tracercosplay #luciocosplay #pugcostumes #blizzardgames

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  • Sweeney Todd Makeup Test! 🥧🍷🔪💈 . I've been wanting to do a Makeup test for Sweeney Todd for forever! I did it last month cause my patrons voted for it! 🤗 I also did a live stream of this makeup that you can watch on there! . With Sweeney Todd I really loved the story, characters and the actors and the music & filming, but ngl I watch half the movie with my eyes closed 🙈😅 Please tell me there are others like this and I'm not an overly sensitive baby! lol . . . #sweeneytodd #demonbarber #halloween #sweeneytoddcosplay #johnnydepp #crossplay #makeuptransformation

    I thought since I posted a New updated #JackSparrow Makeup Tutorial on my channel, it only makes sense to take a new before and after costume transformation! ☠️ . Full makeup / Wig / Costume by me! 🏝️ . Back in 2014 a old image of me in & out of my Jack Sparrow cosplay went viral, it was taken with a little digital camera cause I still had a chunky flip phone at the time. lol I originally uploaded it to my personal facebook years prior to ask my friends if I should dress as jack sparrow for Halloween again! (I didn't know much about cosplay back then! ) I only even ever made a cosplay page because so many people asked if I had one! I didn't even know what they were since I didn't know about cosplayers prior! 🤣 . I remember going all out every year for Halloween cause I just loved the crafting and transformation process so much! So you can imagine how excited I got when I found out about cosplay!! : ) . This was posted months ago for patrons! And I have a few others new before and afters on there too! 🤫 . . . #jacksparrowcosplay #makeuptransformation #makeuptutorial #piratecostume #halloween #captainjacksparrow

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  • For those of you that don't know I have the #WonderWoman Makeup tutorial for this costume posted on my YT channel! And the full how-to costume tutorial posted for my patrons! I also have patterns for all the WW accessories on my site! (Link in bio! ) . Full Costume/ Makeup/ Hair made & done by me! ( @AlysonTabbitha ) 💖💪💙 Sword by @fortytwo3d ! . I'll never get sick of this costume! Hope you don't either! Especially with the new #WonderWoman84 movie coming out next year!! I'm SO EXCITED! I don't think I've been this excited for a movie since LOTR and HP! 😊 . . . #wonderwomancostume #wonderwomancosplay #makeuptransformation #makeuptutorial #wonderwoman1984

    Leeloo Dallas Multipass! 💳 . Makeup / Wig / Costume by me! 😊🧡👽 . Suspenders by: @cleighcreations Makeup used @surrealmakeup I have a tutorial showing how I did everything for this costume available to patrons! It would be a perfect costume for Halloween since it's so fun and comfy! 🎃 . . . #leeloodallasmultipass #leeloodallas #leeloocosplay #thefifthelement #fifthelement #fifthelementcosplay #orangehair #supergreen

    #PrincessLeia cosplay 🌠 . Guys I have a full closest of cosplays and have no idea what to wear for Halloween!? 🎃 Before I started cosplaying I would make the most highly detailed Halloween costume I could! Now that I do that and dress up all year long, I kinda just want to go buy a cheap costume from a Halloween store, or go to a thrift shop and be a generic Vampire or witch or something! And just have fun! lol Also most of my costumes aren't super comfy for parties or sitting for hours handing out candy! 🍭🎈🤣 . I KNOW I CAN'T BE ALONE IN THIS FEELING?! What are you doing for Halloween? 👻 . Btw this costume was borrowed from my talented Mama who made this herself! I definitely got my crafting skills from my parents! My mom was the one that got me so passionate about dressing up for Halloween in the first place! 💖 . . . #starwarscosplay #starwars #carriefisher #princessleiacosplay

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  • #JackSparrow behind the scenes video clip! Enjoy the cheesy editing and watching me talk while excited about something 🤣 lol Here's a few seconds behind the scenes of the making of my Jack Sparrow tutorials! I love making these videos cause there are so many bloopers, and silly moments while filming and doing shoots, and I'm never nearly as serious during the process as I look in the final results. LOL . Thesl full video is so much longer and they are only available to patrons since I have no where else to post them and no other reason to make them! lol 😮 I have quite a few BTS and VLOGS posted, this is probably one of my favorites, second to my Wonder Woman BTS video! 🤗 .

    #TalonWidowmaker here! 🕷️💙🕸️💋 . The full tutorials for the makeup and full costume (made by me ) are posted for my patrons! & I'm currently working on my Rikku tutorial! New tutorials showing how I do my costume so you can learn to do it too, posted every month! 😄 . Gun prop by: @habiteer_workshop Eyeshadow from @surrealmakeup Colored contacts from @uniqso #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #widowmakercosplay #talonwidowmakercosplay

    "And you have my bow." 🍃🏹🍃 . Full Costume, Wig, Makeup & photo made/done by me! ( @AlysonTabbitha ) . Bow base from my friend @indra_rojas & I finished and painted it! . My patrons saw this photo and all the progress for this costume back in May... months ago... A lot has happened since then! 🤣 . I loved being #Legolas ! It was a costume I wanted to make for a long time! I think #crossplaying will always be my favorite, it's just so much fun! . . #lotr #lordoftheringscosplay #lotrcosplay #legolascosplay #thehobbitcosplay #thehobbit #orlandobloom

    My #Themyscira Wonder Woman Cosplay! 💪⚔️ Full costume / makeup / hair by me! @AlysonTabbitha This was my favorite outfit from the movie, so I just had to make it! I can't wait to make more of Diana's outfits! 💖 . Also I just wanted to THANK YOU GUYS! You cleared out Paige's wish list from my last post and then some! I am going to the P.O. box one last time today to check it before her birthday, then I will be doing a Livestream tonight at 7-ish pm EST, opening the packages so those who sent gifts can see it! The stream link will be posted to my patrons PUBLICLY (so even if you just follow for free you can see it! ) So go follow me there! . . #WonderWoman #trainerwonderwoman #wonderwomancostume #WonderWomancosplay #ww84 #trainerwonderwomancosplay #wonderwomantransformation #wonderwomangoldoutfit #themyscirawonderwoman