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After a whirlwind weekend full of fun, illness, and birthday celebrations, this mom woke up exhausted. . These are days hitting snooze and skipping a workout are tempting. I don’t do that anymore though. Because even though I struggled through that 40 minutes, I showed up for myself. I reminded myself I can do hard things. . It is about sooooo much more than the scale or the muscles. It is about keeping a promise. It is about those small choices adding up to big wins. It is about doing something to start my day that sets the tone. . Now I am gonna take a shower and take it easy. The floors can be mopped tomorrow. Dinner can be leftovers. Snuggles and naps are definitely the plan for the day. How will you Monday?

These beautiful women and their families moved mountains so that we could spend the day at the temple together. Serving with them brings me great joy and my whole heart soul was overflowing with gratitude as I sat beside them in the House of the Lord. I could not shoulder the responsibility given me were it not for them. Ladies, I love you!💕

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  • What a soccer season! It is a drastically different level of commitment when you fly solo! So proud of these boys of mine. We have once again been blessed with amazing coaches. I am grateful for my village.

    Oh Timehop you’re killing me! Just when I think I am finally OK with not having any more babies, you show me something like this. Mamas, did you KNOW you were done? Or are you like me and might NEVER feel done? It is frustrating how sad it makes me when I dwell on it. I am so blessed with five, healthy children. Why can’t I be okay?

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  • The biggest change I have made In my daily practices over the last couple years is investing in my soul and mind. Taking opportunities to grow on an emotional and spiritual level. Over the last month, my closest group of friends and I have been reading and applying the practices taught in the book Mastering Affluence by Carol Tuttle. I have discovered many things about myself. Lessons to learn that will help me become the truest version of myself. It takes 6 weeks to complete the practices in the book, but I am a student for life! My dreams are getting bigger. My joy is more present. And I want it to stay that way! I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows me and knows what I need and blesses my life with amazing people and opportunities. He is truly in the details of my life. I am counting all my blessings today.

    Only 8 Mondays left in 2018 and I am determined to show up for myself! I don’t want to wait til January to crush my goals. I want to always be working and pushing myself. Because I will ALWAYS be busy. I will ALWAYS be short on time. I will ALWAYS have a billion excuses not to. But when I chose to turn my excuses into my REASONS, it became much easier to turn my life into the one I had always wanted. What is your why? There is true power in your why! If you haven’t figured it out yet, I would love to help. Cause Mama you are worth it! And so is your family!

    The older I get, the more I understand how truly blessed I am to be the daughter of these two amazing people. Happy 40th anniversary to my Mama and Daddy!

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  • “Try a little harder to be a little better.” ~Gordon B. Hinckley Y’all it is my daily prayer that we all follow this counsel. I think it will make more of a difference in our homes and in our communities than anything else. I believe it really is that simple. What will you do to be a little better today? Me? I’m gonna carve time out today to spend individual time with my children. When you’re one of five it can be hard to get Mom’s undivided attention. I never want them to doubt my love for them and my belief in them. Quality time goes a long way. Happy Saturday, y’all. Can’t wait to hear what you have to share! 💕

    I woke up today and my body was begging me to run. Weird! But true. I ran today with my mindset playlist and reckless abandon. . (Just picture Phoebe from Friends, but singing her heart out. It was kinda like that!🤣 ). . Music brings memories right back to the surface for me. The third song on my playlist was a classic early 2000 song by Michelle Branch. “Goodbye to You”. Anyone know that song?. . Well, all of a sudden I was transported to the months following my separation and divorce from my first husband. Broken, scared, confused. By the end of the song I was in tears. But they weren’t sad, woe is me tears. They were tears full of gratitude. . . Gratitude for a family and friends that rallied around me and got me out of bed on the days I just couldn’t. . Gratitude for a relationship with Heavenly Father that never wavered and gave me unparalleled strength. . Gratitude for the courage to move forward. . Gratitude for second chances: namely my Handsome Face forever boyfriend, Jared. Gratitude for his unconditional love for me. Gratitude that I am literally living the life of my dreams by his side as we raise our five children. . Gratitude that I can look back on my first marriage with more fondness than heartache. . Gratitude that knowing I could go through such a debilitating experience and come through a better version of myself, gives me hope and confidence that I could do just about any hard thing life might bring. . Life isn’t easy. Life isn’t fair. But it sure is Amazing when you show up to your own life and trust yourself. . . Funny enough the song that played right after was Andy Grammer’s “I’m on Top of the World”. . Man, music is powerful!!! What’s your greatest music memory? What song brings it all back?

    Y’all! Ridin that post workout high I always get when I bring it. Even brought a little bling to the leg day par-tay! No off to a Friday filled with pre-birthday celebrations, housekeeping, and soccer! I think might just have to do pizza night too!!!! Because Fridays were basically made for 🍕 (check out my stories later today for my secrets ) Can’t wait for my new gals to start this journey with me on Monday!!!! By Thanksgiving their results are gonna be legit.

    Throwing it back to last summer! It is so interesting how life continues to cycle through lessons we need to learn. Last summer I was stress eating out the wazoo due to what would be diagnosed as a severe respiratory allergic reaction to my beloved chickens. (Not to mention the beignet problem I developed in NoLa🤣 ) In came a new 21 day fitness program with a trainer that got in my head and challenged my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. I was able to nip my stress eating in the bud and had phenomenal results. Well, here we are a year later. Stress eating started back up when Jared’s work schedule changed and after school life in my own became a challenge for me. Once again sweets are killing my results and my brain fog and self doubt has been strong. Soooooo pumped to start the new and improved round of this same program on Monday. I need Chris Downing in my head again to push me and help me reclaim my self belief. I know it is there!!!!! I know he can pull it out of me!!!!! I also don’t doubt that my squad and I will get results. Two spots remain in our group starting Monday. I want you to experience this amazing shift with us. Drop a ❤️ below for more info.

    Two hands on the wheel!!!! One of many tips and tricks from my nutritionist for getting through those post dinner munchies when we are often bored and/or decompressing from the day. This is one of many tips that helps me remember my goals to fuel my body right. We teach all these tools in my online bootcamp and I would love to have you learn how YoU can take control of your health once and for all. 3 spots remain in my Healthy through the Holidays bootcamp. We will lose ten pounds instead of gaining them this holiday season. Drop a ❤️ below for all the deets! #herbalteas