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#didyouknow tossing a heavy ball at the ground is a good workout (and very cathartic! ). . . #Repost @jeremybrodovsky with @get_repost ・・・ Working out some aggression with @andreaontheair from @b101fm Slamming the med ball....feels so good!

tfw the jingle bells bust into your Carly Rae Jepsen song and it’s time to flip to #Christmas on @b101fmphilly ! 🎄🐝

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  • Look it’s me, a grown adult, wearing a bird onesie sitting in an enclosure we made out of pool noodles for a #sketchcomedy show. Please come see it it’s very adorkably funny. Oh and it’s a musical. @phitcomedy 9pm tonight!

    It’s an exciting day Philly! B is Back! @b101fmphilly 🐝

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  • #ivoted AND I got a haircut. How about you?

    Today we say goodbye to this studio! @morefmphilly is moving down the street to join our #Entercom family. Watch me do the very last break ever at 225 City Ave live on IG at 1:50 today! #movingday

    #sponsored Wore my @applegate shirt to the gym to remind myself why I workout...I ❤️ (non-GMO, antibiotic-free, humanely raised ) Cheese 😂 #IHeartCheese 🧀

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  • There is a human person here named Spencer and I had to apologize for calling his name a hundred times #doggoween

    Bat dog is here to save the day! 🦇 No villain can withstand so much adorableness #Halloween

    I may not have worn my costume for the exactly two people I’ll see at the station today but I certainly didn’t pass up an opportunity to be a little spooky either #FeministWitch #Halloween

    Happy #NationalCatDay to the snuggle monster who made me a cat person, my constant companion and familiar, Count Chocula ❤️

    Busted out the old Darth Bader Ginsburg lewk for #PHITJam’s Masquerade Jam #Halloween #idissent

    Tada! I’m #greatbritishbakeoff! Specifically I’m a pun from Bake Off which nobody will get but my costume is easy and comfy and I can eat the cookies when I’m done #HappyHalloween #chouxpastry

    I’m working on my #halloween costume and you will never never never guess what it is!

    @applegate sent me a cheese care package like they know me deep in my soul 😂❤️🧀 #SweetDreamsAreMadeOfCheese

    My proud contribution to this week’s @crimeandcookies show lol. This is a question from our Survival! Audience Trivia Game.

    #lategram I love our silly little #truecrime show. @crimeandcookies was a blast last night! @tmoms is a great venue. (And @abialon87 is a great Instagram Husband 😂 )