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Had a such a great night Saturday can't believe I'm 18 already ❤️👌

Don't know what my hands are doing but really love this photo ❤ photo credit goes to @gillyyalah

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  • Was a good day yesterday

    Had a good day/night 😊

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  • "Be who you are not who the world wants you to be" ~stolen💕

    First day back at school#yr12#new year#new start#last year#

    New paysuit 😍❤

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  • First gym sesh in a while😊

    New makeup❤❤#priceline#maxfactor#sale

    Finally got my L's yay 😀

    Gym life💪 ehh slowly getting there I guess!

    Omg in love 😍 @gillyyalah

    Finally went to cold rock for the first time was so good😁

    Happy 1 year baby! I love u so much❤I can't believe it has been 1 year time flys we have so many good memories together thank you for being by my side through the good times and bad times i know you get annoyed with me at times but not every relationship is perfect and everyone argues but our relationship wouldn't be strong if we didn't at times you have helped me gain confidence for alot of things I never believed I could do and you have really brang out my shyness but now i don't shut up haha thank you for being the amazing boyfriend u are even through u are a pain in the ass at times and I'm probably a pain in the ass to but ur my pain in the ass and I know I annoy u alot and I'm sorry that I piss u off alot I don't mean to I can't wait for the many more memories and years to come ps sorry this post is so late I was Gunna post it earlier but I wanted to get a better picture together but I didn't end up getting one and u probably wouldn't of wanted to get one but oh well anyway I love u to the moon and back baby infinity times ❤forever and always 😛

    Bored in maths so taking selfies with this one

    Good day at the beach😊

    Had a good day at the beach


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