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it’s nonna 🖤

UK babes, I’m excited to announce that my BBC special we shot in London will be airing on Nov 1 at 8pm on @bbcone 🖤 thank you to my band, my MD @_natural__, our background singers, incredible conductor steve sidwell, and this stunning orchestra (all girls, werk ) i had the honor of performing wit. i loved these arrangements so much. thank u to my babes in the audience who made this such a fun, comfortable experience. miss u.

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  • 🖤

    if y’all told me ab any of this fifteen years ago ........................... bye. 🖤

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  • honored to be included in this celebration of 15 years of my favorite musical of all time 💚 wouldn’t miss it for the whole universe #wicked15

    just after she shit on my pillow 🖤

    hbd to the queen of the galexy and the baddest bitch to ever grace the planet i love u, qm

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  • five albums n however many years of friendship later @tbhits

    god is a woman and breathin are both in the top twenty rn at radio ! thank u so so so much ! i cant wait for you to hear what else i’ve been working on. tryna announce american sweetener tour dates asap, tryna get u the docuseries asap and tryna shoot a breathin video bc i forgot to (hope there’s still time ) i love u thank u ! oh & also i saw some of the BBC special thing we did in london for u and i think you’ll be really happy w that too i hope. word ok bye. sry if i fell behind on any of dis.