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We’ve put together a 14 day Challenge, and we’d love for you to join us 😃 💥Did you know that if you have an accountability partner you are 95% more likely to succeed?!?!💥 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ Grab a friend and give it a try!! What have you got to lose??? A few lbs 🤷‍♀️😉 📝 Comment below or message me for more details!! #challenge #mealprep #mealplan #health #nourish #workout #nutrition #superfoods #14days #getactive #healthylifestyle #fitfam #getfit #bethebestyou #joinus #youcansitwithus #wedontjudge #wereallequal

Don’t let the mundane of day to day activities stifle your ability to be great! The fact that you are here means God has plans for you 🙏 Believe in your power within. Shine. Not everyone Is going to like your light, shine anyways 💚 Step into your greatness, and do it with confidence 💥 #motivation #monday #godsplan #puprpose #greatness #mondayvibes #shine

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  • Dream. Dream Big. Then dream bigger! If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough 💜 Dream to better your life, and then dream bigger to better the lives of others. You’ll find that once you stop focusing inward, peace will surround you! If someone tells you your dreams are too big, tell them they think too small 😉 #dreambigger #dogood #befulfilled #livetogive

    2 kids on the bus, 2 still sleeping 😴 Going to take a few minutes to enjoy a good book and a cup of #adaptogenicherbs before our morning team call 💚 Make it a #meaningfulmonday 🙂 Have an intention to have a good day and focus on what your grateful for, many others are probably dreaming to walk in your shoes 👠 #monday #intention #grateful #quiettime #igniteyourlife #transformyourlife

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  • Thankful for these smiles, to keep the days bright, while we are lacking sunshine ☀️ #thankful #thursday #smile #brynleemckenna #thosecheeks

    My workout buddy today 😍😍 He may only be 3, but he’s a pretty cute accountability partner ☺️ He’s more of a “2 rep- then check my tractor” kind of a guy 😆😆 Good thing I have my whole tribe of Ignite challengers to help carry me the rest of the way 😆 #ignite6weekfallchallenge #workoutbuddy #isabryce #accountability #igniteyourlife #workout #wednesday #youcanalwaysjoinus

    While I was loading the laundry into the dryer tonight, about 10 minutes prior to bed time, this little sassy pants walked up to me and said “Mom, we have to stay up late tonight”. Of course intrigued, I asked why!? She told me “We have to do our workout, and if we don’t workout, then we won’t be healthy, and that’s not good!” I preceded to tell her I did one while she was at school today, which left her momentarily speechless, until she told me “Well, I haven’t done mine, and that’s not healthy, and I don’t want to get sick again!!” 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ What do you even say to that??? This is all coming from the girl that can delay bedtime by 20 minutes every evening, with “legitimate” reasons why she can’t get in bed yet 😆😆😆 I think she might need to go to law school 🤔🤔 #missmorganG #sassypants #shecracksmeup #doyourworkout #stayhealthy #5goingon25

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  • ⭐️ I believe that God put no one here to live a mediocre life, and that it is up to us to find our greatness⭐️ So, I’m going to join this kick butt group of women, and help change people’s lives, and do so in a group where there’s no judgement and negativity! Anyone can join us, it’s up to you to believe in the greatness inside you 😘😘 #motivation #monday #millionairegirlsclub #youweremadeformore

    We love to bake when the weather gets colder!! Last night we made pumpkin spice protein balls and healthy apple crisp 😍 I just go right to our health and wellness page, which is packed full of healthy recipes, search what I want to make, and bam 💥.... there they are 😉 Comment below and I’d be happy to add you to our page so you can see all the recipes too!! #fall #pumpkinspice #applecrisp #healthytreats #coldweather #yummy #goodforyou #nomnom

    Hi 👋My name is Brynlee! I am 9 months old today 😃 I love to do the army crawl, pull myself up to stand wherever I can, and I love it when people hold my hands so I can walk! I still enjoy seeing my mom a couple times a night, she says we should probably stop that.... I don’t really feel it’s a problem 😆 I love to eat puffs, and prefer only orange vegetables and all sorts of fruit! I’m happy all the time, unless I’m hungry... then I get a little impatient 😉 My family thinks I’m pretty dang cute, and they hug and kiss me ALL the time, life is pretty good 💝💓💖 #princess #prettyinpink #9months #iamloved #brynleemckenna #cutiepie

    This is going to seem pretty basic... I feel like we’ve all heard it a million times, but how good are we at practicing it??🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ You know the saying “Do you see the glass as half empty, or half full??” 🥛 (For those of you that don’t pray, feel free to keep scrolling ) As I plopped into bed on Sunday night, I closed my eyes and thought “wow, what a week! We were sick yet again, for the THIRD time since school has started, we’re all run down and tired, coughing and crabby, I hit a damn skunk, etc, etc” Then in the next breath I was going to start saying my prayers for the night 🙏 and I stopped myself DEAD in my tracks!!! I was disgusted with myself! I thought to myself “Is that really what you’re going to bring to the Lord???” A poor me, we’re sick, damn skunk, blah blah blah story” How about “Thank you God, that our sickness is the kind that can be cured at home with rest, TLC, and chicken noodle soup- NOT the kind that has no cure, requires IV stands, chemo, or a hospital stay! Thank you God for letting it not be a more serious “accident”-one that could have involved another car or person. Thank you God for providing us with income so we may have a safe car to drive!” Some days are easier than others to see the glass half full (like on the days your toddler doesn’t continually spill it on the floor 🤷‍♀️ ). I can promise you one thing, if you continually keep reminding yourself to practice gratitude, you will see a change in your day, your months, and life as a whole! 💚🙏 It’s like anything in life, it takes practice, but soon you will notice that your mind will go toward a state of thankfulness instead of negativity 💜 Give it a try for a couple days... weeks... and months 😉 #letgoandletgod #pray #bethankful #youareblessed #gratitude #positivevibes #glasshalffull #transformyourmind #transformationtuesday

    Congrats , Landon, on your first communion today! We love you buddy!! #firstcommunion #childofgod

    Happy day for the boys 💚 #harvest2018 #brothers #dadtime

    That moment when you’re in the zone... cleaning, getting rid of clothes, clutter, and toys no one touches 👊 Then a little voice keeps saying “Mommy, come snuggle with me”..... well, there’s only one thing to do... snuggle 💚 He was feeling under the weather this morning and missed school, but I managed to get a smile out of this cutie😍 #isabryce #smile #sickday #snuggles #cleaningwillhavetowait

    Church in the morning and cheerleading at noon 🏈Next time we’ll pray a little harder for our beloved Vikings 😉 #cutiepie #godschild #sunday #football #wereadaybehind 🤷‍♀️

    Grateful to be able to grab a cup of my favorite “sanity juice” AKA - adaptogenic herbs (not wine 😉 ), and one of my fav little girls and watch these two amazing women speak tonight! So glad I could tune in from home!! So thankful for them, that they are paving the way for so many others, and their bold courageous ways!! #thankful #thursday #todayisagooddayforagoodday #leaders #womenempoweringwomen #onelife #makeitgreat #dreambigger #messyhairdontcare

    Something I am trying to practice more of 🙏 Through him all things are possible. It’s amazing when you invite God to be a part of your life how He shows up everywhere 💚 #letgoandletgod #faithandfitness #godisgood

    When your workout partner forgot to take his pre workout 🤷‍♀️😆 Clearly he needs an e+shot for some natural energy 💪 #workout #wednesday #wellnesswednesday #gsd #ampedperformance #eshot