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When was that last time you did something that made you feel ALIVE?? And I'm not talking, just waking up and going about your day😜......I mean REALLY did something that made you get all the feels of life! You know, that good old 🦋🦋🦋 in the belly kind of Excitement like when i trained to become a certified P90X instructor😲. I do have other fitness certifications, but never thought I'd touch that one😂. So glad I did, and I'm still not done seeking remarkable things to try! . So tell me, What made you feel Alive recently? If the answer is "not much", take the advice of my coach cousin @ebonycolina today, and go do it!

Ever find yourself always cheering on others, but having a hard time celebrating YOU?!😉 Well yesterday i took on another HUGE SCARY GOAL and.I.CRUSHED.IT! Except, rather than doing the happy dance💃 i shifted right back into work mode again🤦‍♀️Thank God my coach sister @iamevasantiago reminded me that I deserve to be celebrated too! YASSSS! . So GREAT NEWS! This mom of two ✌is now a Certified P90X💪 Instructor!👏🎉👏. . I'm about to help a whole lotta Winter bodies get ready for Summer Y'all!!! Keep an eye out for my very first class!!!! . Oh and btw.......always be excited to celebrate your own successes (big or small ). You never know who you'll inspire when you do🤗

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  • You 👉were meant to be ABOVE average and to acheive everything you want in YOUR life. So don't let your feet hit the floor outta bed this morning without believing you can and deciding to go for it. #morninginspiration #mediocritykillsdreams #FFCG3 @thechrisdowning

    @iamevasantiago and I are calling on a special determined group of women to join US @2badmuvas for our 1st Annual Vision Board Workshop! We call it “LEAN INTO YOUR VISION”! . We are going to show you how to LEAN IN to your wellness so that you're better equipped, more armored and prepared to take on ANY emotional challenge that the holiday season or LIFE tries to serve you while you set Your New Year GOALS! . If you don't want to wait any longer to get in the zone of GREAT health AND success, finish the year better than how you started with 2 Bad Muvas! We are going to guide you in creating your vision, tailor a plan and inspire you to take action! . Your year isn't over yet girlfriend. Lets finish strong! And begin 2019 even stronger! . Click link in bio for all the deets! . #visionboardparty #bronxevents #bronxny #womanempowerment #leanintoyourvision2018

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  • PSA: For all of us grown ups, not just on Halloween🎃

    I only shared this in my private groups today but last year Halloween did me IN and caused the ONLY nutritional downward spiral on the low😜. 10 days ago I decided to get in the trenches with the challengers that I coach, promising myself that I would turn my shit, um, i mean ship😉 around and breaking this love hate cycle I've had with food. This is my beginning. 5.6lbs in 10 days on the nutrition plan that dreams are made of! Look at this! I AM on track to lose 25 by December 25! (cuz It rhymes😜 ) I drank lots of water, I ate veggies, and drank my favorite superfood blend once per day (all of the things we KNOW to be good For you ) But in this same time span, I ALSO had 🍕🍔🥓🍠🍦🍫......those things that my mind USED to tell me to rebuke at all costs, IF I wanted to lose weight. I know i keep saying this , but This Girl 🙋‍♀️ ate ALL the things, and still lost weight! Day by Day down a pound or ounce, UP a pound or ounce. Tracking and owning up to every thing I ate. And loving myself all the way. This is refreshing! I'm gearing up to co lead a SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION mindset, nutrition and fitness group online and I want to extend the invitation right here before I post all details so that if you follow me and want me to coach you thru this, we can ride this journey out TOGETHER! I'm about to lose we during the holidays YALL! For real! Are you ready to do it different and lose weight HAPPILY with me? And can you invite someone that needs this kind of win to go with us?

    A few days ago I posted my reverse #transformation😜 (oy! That was hard to do ). And i also shared some of the biggest challenges I face as a fitness coach who's also in the struggle🍕🍦🍩. Prep week for my virtual fitness camp starts today. And here's where my head is at. Today is October 22. 🎃One week from now is Halloween. 🍗One month from now is Thanksgiving (11/23 ) and 🎄 One month after that is Christmas eve (12/24 ). We're leaning ALL the way in this season because I know what it feels like to get run over by the holidays. NOT THIS TIME BOO! There's still time to make up your mind and join me this prep week. Lets lean IN to the holiday season 💪 DM if you're interested in doing things different for a change

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  • Your life. YOUR eyes. Make it memorable enough for YOU ❤#mondaymotivation

    Soooo, This is  SUPER hard for me to share yall🙈.....but I had to because the first pic is ME and the second pic? Also ME 🙋‍♀️. Someone out there needed to know they're not alone. . Getting fluffy happens to the best of us at one time or another🤗. And If you're like me, you really didn't pay attention to it. You either got too busy being a business grower, or taking care of others. Or you experienced significant losses.  Or maybe you're introverted and rather eat than talk😜 Or  you get stressed out for every and no reason at all and the workouts stop making a difference because your eating habits got completely out of control. Yup! . >My name is Ayanna, and I'm both a fitish foodie and a recovering emotional eater🙋‍♀️😂. . Its so easy to show only the pretty BEFORE and AFTER pics y'all. I mean those are cool too, but I'm really not interested in being someone who only shows you the highlight reel. We ALL have areas that challenge us..... even if we don't share it🤐. >>>>>> I decided to share this today tho, because I'm about to get my snatch BACK (yasssss ). But I ALSO shared because I genuinely know deep down that I was created to bring out the best in others.  And being accountable to you keeps me on my A-game.  I'm showing you that even as a hardworking mom, a wife, a socialworker and a virtual fitness coach, that I also have real set backs too. And I totally relate If this is your truth as well. . The good news is I have a STRONG plan of action for us and i know EXACTLY how we're going to overcome this.  So don't just watch me. Come WITH me😉. . No.....There's NEVER a perfect time to start your Day 1🙈. All that really matters is that you start🏁.....again, and again if you have to.  This is one of those times where, back at the start is exactly where I needed to be! 💯 . Fun facts about my reverse transformation pic: . 🤷‍♀️ Pics are 1yr apart October 2017 and 2018 . 🤦‍♀️There's an extra 25- 30 lbs between the two (Lordt ) . 🙋‍♀️the woman on the right vows to lose that weight without EVER depriving herself of foods she loves and wants to bring 5 women with her. Is that you? if so don't hesitate. DM me! We start October 22nd💪

    Sometimes thats the place to be❤

    @iamgeorgepenn I love and cherish you BEYOND words. Happy 14th anniversary ❤ 10/9/04❤ . Thanking God for you with ALL my might right now☝️ . #itsouranniversary #blacklove #marriagegoals #friendsforlife boy is over here creatin' (age 11🎧 ) #djcon

    When you're about to be surprised by your mom, but you're ALREADY excited so😜