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I want More plaques this year 💿

Tunnel vision!

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  • Cut throat

    the grass was greener on the other side

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  • Melodies🌴🔥

    The water look so crazy 😍

    It take a lot to make a lot

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  • Bout to swim for somethin bigger than me

    Live from the jungle 🌴

    When life commin at u from all angles and sides

    Young Boss 🌴

    Trap money Fayo

    The vibes to wavy it’s too hard to kill🌴🌊

    Big bank take lil bank💰

    Big foreign 🌴🎹

    GET AWAY video out now! Click link in BIO to watch! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 #Ayohitupfayo

    Time is money

    Seen this lil bad jawn she was perfect 🌸🌷