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Lil jackbutt!!

Great to catch up with deftones at aftershock with @wmichaeldirect shout out to @rickkosick from the band!

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  • How can this fucking poser bust on my skate skills???????? He says I suck, and I’m fat, and I’m a loser. Look at your mobbed ass heelflip that you didn’t even land you bell end!!

    Phoenix cruising the hotel hallways in sacto!

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  • I like this one of @andyroy18 picture shot by dicksteam Harris.

    Deftones shout out to rick Kosick!

    Deftones in Sacramento!

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  • @andyroy18 in Sacramento at power inn sk8park

    @bammargeramerchandise check out the new merch!!!

    Phoenix fed by airplane @andyroy

    @andyroy18 at Sacramento comicon. If your in the area come by!!

    This dudes got my tattoos!