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My people! My people!!! Are you ready?!!! The time is near. Now is our turn. Let's elect the people who have our children, youth, mothers and fathers' best interest at heart. Time to let a true wave of light.....A new direction in our polity come to fruition. I'm relying on you all. We're going all the way to the top!!! Your BASA is here for You!!! LET'S DO THIS!!! #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #NIP

Please tune in to 89.1 fm to listen to me live by 8am. Pls share. Call in and lend your voice and support to this great cause. Lead city radio 89.1fm. You may call in peeps 09061333008. God bless us all

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  • *PVC LOCATOR* If you are yet to collect your permanent voters card, kindly visit the website , insert your Polling Unit numbers on temporary voter card then it will tell you where to collect it Pls share

    All these....... guaranteed!!! #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #NIP

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    I can't say this enough. It is time for us to take back our nation. It's our time. Let's give our best to see this country and states thrive again. Now is our time. Oyo state and Nigeria will be great again. #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #NIP #nowisourtime

    Halleluyah we made history and we will be contesting 2019 Oyo State.....God you have been faithful...i fought hard and used all my might to win, not knowing you always had your plan for me. National Interest party is the platform God gave me without any struggle. God i thank you...good people of Oyo State God is involved in this mission, do trust me for comfort is around the corner, your Bola is here to serve you genuinely. Yipee we are going all the way to election day 2019. #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #NIP

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  • Good News!!! The BASA train keeps moving. We're ready for this breath of fresh air. It's official. National Interest Party (NIP ) is here to give ALL Nigerians a chance to be great!!! #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #NIP #nationalinterestparty

    I want to say a very big and profound THANK YOU to Elizabeth Abimbola Ojo @elizabethojoabimbola She saw my poster and did this video. Bless her. She didn't ask for anything in return but as BASA I know what to do 😀. Great Nigerian youth doing great things. Please help me appreciate her for her talent, support and effort. God bless you darling Sis!😎😚 #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection #anrp #getyourpvc

    My determination to serve is born out of passion....out of the need to see my people excel.....out of the willingness to restore Oyo state to glory and create a better future for our children. Enough is enough. We can do better. Now is our turn........Let's make this state and nation great again. #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection

    Mrs Omobolanle Ashabi Sarumi Aliyu (BASA ) is married with children. Her rising profile in political administration was first noticed when she was appointed as Special Assistant on Social Development to the then FCT Minister Chief Jumoke Akinjide. Omobolanle has been actively involved in grassroot politics and she has learnt a lot from her dad since 1999 on how best to serve the people. Her determination in venturing into partisan politics is with the aim to serve our nation, encourage and promote gender equality in Nigeria and build a better body of politics. Undoubtedly, she is totally pro democracy, a democratic to the core, a talent and a path-finder who deserves motivations and support for her determination to be in government. She is running for governorship in Oyo state. As the first female governor in the state and in the country, she is determined to bring comfort and a new direction to politics in Nigeria. #BASA #bola2019 #bolasarumialiyu #nigeria2019 #oyo2019 #firstfemalegovernor #oyostate2019 #pacesetterstate #basa2019 #newdirection

    Princess Omobolanle Ashabi Sarumi-Aliyu (BASA ) was born on the 22nd of March, 1979 at UCH, Ibadan to the family of Chief/Prince/Honorable Ali Balogun Sarumi and Mrs Jean Balogun Sarumi. Her father, Chief Alli Balogun Sarumi was born in Abebi in Ibadan where their family houses are still standing, BASA's dad is a community leader, businessman, investor and a politician per excellence. He was a member of the House of Representatives, and a Chairman on Science and Technology, representing Ibadan North under the platform of Alliance for Democracy (AD ) party between 1999 and 2003. His popularity within Ibadan metropolis abounds. Omobolanle's beloved mother, Jean Balogun Sarumi is British and Christian by faith while her father is Muslim by birth and faith. They got married in the UK after her father's education and work. Irrespective of their religious differences, they live a compatible lifestyle worthy of emulation. Omobolanle Ashabi Sarumi-Aliyu (BASA ) is of exemplary character. She forfeited all the privileges associated with family royal comfort to pursue aggressively, western education to her fullest capacity. She attended both primary and secondary schools in Ibadan - Nigeria, while her tertiary education was from various institutions in the United kingdom. She studied Social Work and Welfare, Psychology and Sociology. She also has a degree in Social Policy from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, U.K. These courses helped prepare her for her future careers in entrepreneurship and in service to humanity, as she is currently manifesting in Nigeria to the pride of all. Omobolanle is currently the CEO (Bees Bridal Ltd - an event planning, catering, decorating and bridal wears venture. ) She is also the CEO (Mia Uniform- a uniform manufacturing company. She is the Founder of Childhood Bridge International Initiative and BASA Foundation, both of which are Non-governmental and non-profit making organizations, crusading for the upliftment of the less privileged in our community. BASA's drives are for a better Nigeria where everyone matters, regardless of tribe and religion.

    The beginning of my journey @Cowap where God declared me. 21st of April 2018. When God says yes no one can say No!. To the good people of Nigeria supporting me God bless you lots.

    God bless ur home dear dress available for rent sale and made to measure