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I walked In Venice Some time ago With a heavy pain I tried to control I thought about love And what it really was I'll probably never know But looking up Made me realize To never lose hope So here it goes

Maybe it is for the best To not know if these paths Are correct For all I know At the end It will all connect 🌱

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    My mind has been elsewhere And it feels like a nightmare And it's not you And it's not me

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  • I am healing. I am changing. I am living. I am learning. I am loving. I am growing.

    "I think you should be nervous about what I will accomplish once I heal. The mountains I'll move. The miles I'll cover. The skin I'll get under." -AliciaCook


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  • Who knew This could be true That such would bloom Out of the shallow murky waters Who knew I would follow That there would Be no gloom Just beauty In a story Written anew

    And at the end of every process all I learned was how to be strong all on my own 🌱

    I will never know what path to take Or how much more I'll have to break To understand That there is no right or wrong way Healing comes in waves Appreciate the ones who stand by you through every phase Which is all I know these days

    Only kinda bae I'm into is that vegan pineapple🍦🖤

    "I am never alone. My solitude Has her own moon." - p a v a n a


    The wither of the body. The fade of the soul.

    And the absence of color continues to fade. Gradually growing into a withering stage. Will any of this remain the same? Or will this be called another phase?

    Moments when all the stillness sets in. It is amazing how this land can seem so foreign. I have stepped foot on this soil many times yet it astounds me by all its glory once again. Maybe these moments are all that it is suppose to be. Every memory. Every encounter. Every delay. Every new beginning. Just everything in all the seconds that we have with it.