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How knock off feels on a Friday 🍻 👅

Bit late but had a bit of fun at #thisthat2018

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  • 1month ✊🏽

    Beautiful day to watch @ickaoneilllyyyy & @davidbenjidiaz tie the knot ! #jdwedding #forster

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  • Farm Tings 🎯

    In three months time, we get to catch up on three years we have haven’t seen each other ! Got a lot to tell you bruv, them 6minute phone calls are never enough 😂 one of the strongest kids I know, just a little more holding on to do bro, see you soon ❤️

    This got me weak 😂

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  • Lachlans 21st 🍻🎉

    When the camera man says do something funny and all David can think to do is sack whack us 🤪 #dog #lunar

    Thanks for letting us be apart of your special day @bradkj9222 & @daniellejane1990 #NYEwedding #NewYearNewJames #groomsmen #mudgee

    This pic #salty asf

    Suns out buns out 🍑🐪 happy #humpday y'all #wedgie #diditforthegram

    Trading Sunday sesh for Sunday treks ✔️


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