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I honestly adore you and appreciate you endlessly @_samwells_

I honestly love you endlessly @_samwells_ ❣️

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  • @_samwells_ 🥀❣️

    This man is my pride and joy. He is one of the most kind hearted, passionate, strongest and caring people I know. He looks after me so well, turns my tears into laughter and makes everyday a day to look forward too. I couldn’t be prouder of him at this current moment always pushing himself to new avenues in life. As well as persisting to always better our relationship and himself. This man is a blessing and I am so happy he has walked into my life. He has taught me so many new things, helped me grow and realise what I truly wanna do with my life. He makes me feel adventurous again and brings back that inner child in me. He helps me always be the best me, as well as deals with my stubbornness. He takes my good moods with all my bad. He makes life seem just that little bit easier. I can not thank him enough for all he does. I love you Sammy ❤️🌎💋

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  • I can’t express enough how important self confidence, self comfort and true happiness is. Confidence isn’t always liking the way you look, or the way your hair looks, sometimes confidence is as simple as being happy and accepting that you are different. Instead of looking at what you don’t have. Focus on what you do have, the friends and family that surround you, the roof over your head, you highlights instead of your flaws. Focus on what makes you drive to your best. Never give up and always try to better yourself. You truly will begin to feel more confident, happier and overall live life to the fullest. 💋🥀 #selfconfidence #pout #happy #selflove #nevergiveup #drive

    Officially started my studies as a beauty therapist.... here’s to day two. Exciting beginnings!! ❣️🥂🥀

    Met my beautiful friend I made today @urimbirrawildlife

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  • I actually adore you more than words can ever describe. I am the biggest bitch, always am dramatic and blame everything bad on you but at the end of the day. I would be lost without you. @_samwells_

    My lights in all darkness, my motivation in all my drive and overall my little shits of brothers who I honestly couldn't live without.

    In desperate need of a new gym buddy. If you go to Anytime Fitness. Pls hmu xx


    Work, eat, sleep, party & repeat

    ♥️Sometimes the hardest of times, bring out the best of us. ♥️

    #WeArePortAdealide #chadwingard #portvsrichmond #carnthe🍐 #afl

    My hair's messy, my rooms messer and my life is messiest... but at the end of the day I am happy and have amazing people surrounding me.