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Gianna and her friends for the fall festival. #petersondolphins #fall #cuties

•Most times I don’t read my bible verse of the day. I often ignore them, because I have been feeling very distant from god. I do pray every night, but it is the basic prayer, “Protect me and my family, thank you for all that you do...” Since I’ve had Zayn we haven’t been back to church. * * * •I know people say church is not where your relation lies, but I do believe it is the foundation that holds your relationship strong. Yesterday I received news that I did not expect. I prayed and prayed about it, and god answered my prayer. * * * * •Today I decided to read my verse, and it blew my mind. Regardless of my relationship, god still has my back. He still looks out for me, and he is always there for me. I thank him so much for all that he has blessed me with. #thankyou #blessed #havefaith

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  • FamILY Tingz(Zayn is in his seat ) #mom #dad #babygirl #babyboy #natrualhair #curlyhair #curlyhairkillas #naturalhairstyles

    MOMcation 👑 #naturalhairstyles #vegas

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  • Handsome 💙 #momsboy #babyboy

    Vacation vibes #naturalhairstyles #momlife #mixedchicks #healthy_hair_journey

    Hiiii guys I turned 5 months on Friday! I can’t believe how big I am. I weigh 16lbs, and can roll over! I get really tired though. I fall asleep at 8 and don’t wake up until 2am (just to eat though because I’m a growing guy ). Mom is happy with that. 💙 #babyboy #

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  • “Look brudder a butterfly 🦋” #babies #sissyandbrother