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Walking into Monday like... @adonis_melmel86 😂😂😂

C2C_Texas Boyz was out and about today! We see you line star state! Chapter leader: @iamglennanthony

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  • @taedatea did an amazing job hosting the events! You’re a comical genius and full of positivity! 📸 @hammjackk

    “We have to do our part... to help our people!” Congratulations  Dom Spencer on completing the necessary requirements and winning the the Coast2Coast Boyz “Brothers Helping Brothers” Scholarship! Education and hard work is key! Thank you to our donors and the education team for making this possible! ❤️

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  • This trip was one for the books! Good vibes, no drama, no major incidents, or nothing that couldn’t be resolved! With so many people... that’s a blessing! 🙌🏾 On behalf of the admin team, we would like to thank every person that came out or that ushered people to this memorable weekend. Everyone has different likes, agendas, and attitudes. But the mere fact that 105 black gay and Latin man can gather for a weekend of peace and laughter, is a success! Until next time.. ❤️ Special shout out to our sponsors: @max_billion_jd @64luxury @adonisbykyhry

    Cabin pregame in dc! #c2c_cabinfever_2018

    @deli_dale we see you are primed and ready! See you soon brother! #c2c_cabinfever_2018

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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Congratulations @lamontjrobinson 🔥🔥 we are screaming support for you and all you have overcame! First Back Openly Gay Illinois House of Representatives 5th District “"I want to thank the voters in the 5th district for making history and sending me to the Illinois House to fight for affordable and accessible health care, strong education, economic development and jobs, good housing and safe streets," said Robinson.

    2 days away.....are you ready??? 🔥🔥🔥

    Bonds that will last a lifetime 🔥

    Oh yea.. we still had to watch @realhousewivesatlanta ❤️ but together 🔥

    Voting is not a straight or gay thing, it’s an American thing. We must protect our rights by putting people in office that see our point. VOTE

    Professional party starters @c2c_boyz #c2c_cabinfever_2018

    All cabin attendees‼️ PLEASE START HYDRATING NOW!! @kinglouieda1st is prepping the rooms 🔥 @mrkitchenn is already prepping the drinks 🍹 @__theodore_ @unbreakable_smyle is prepping the events ‼️ @taedatea is prepping the twerkers and @zay_zae is READY! SEE YOU ALL FRIDAY!! #c2c_cabinfever_2018