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  • Saw a movie yesterday that made me think about something important- the kids that sit alone at lunch in school, the “weird” kids, the ones that everybody makes fun of, the very shy, quiet ones, even the bullies- be nice to them. Being the one person that shows kindness could change and even save a person’s life. Feeling unloved is the killer in all human beings. Mean-ness, anger, sadness- feeling alone and misunderstood is the most destructive, poisonous thing that can happen to a person- and it makes everybody act in different, but nevertheless self destructive ways. Even if it’s popular to make fun of that kid in school because all your friends do it and you want to fit in, don’t do it. Be the person that’s different, be the person that leaves a loving mark on everyone, be the person that makes everybody feel seen and important- because being that ONE person could change somebody’s life.