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If you don’t know, Now you know NIGGA

If these walls could talk

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  • Get your hands up high like a false arrest

    @afropunk ATL 😈

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  • Them: Chainey if you wear that flannel again!! Me:

    I get more comfortable every time I hit the stage. I’m still getting adjusted to learning my levels and different sound systems but it comes with time

    s u p r e m e

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  • ❤️❤️❤️


    😍 #tbt #thebeautifulones

    You were so hard to find 😈

    Gurrrrlfrrriieeeeendsss (my gurlfrieeends ) there through thick and thinnnnnnn @b.banx @mondel bamboo


    Baby can you focus on me?

    ❤️🔥👯‍♂️ @b.banx

    It’s @jojomodel24 ’s birthday. I just posted what I wore lol