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#RP I’m serious about what’s mine!

Because of what’s behind her! Always protect your Queen...

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  • I have no idea who that kid is! Lol

    Happy Hump Day!!!!

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  • Thank you for sharing the gem #arilennoxwhippedcream

    RIP Mac Miller

    Good times 😍

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  • #mood

    #tbt Today’s commute music was inspired from your post Dawud!! This reminds me of my days at AT&T


    Fuck You!!!!!!!!!

    Ramon do you remember jacking me for this CD while I was listening to it?

    Happy Friday!!!

    Rest in heaven beautiful angel! #stopkillingus #love&protectus #niawilson

    He’s an Oakland rider makin money in LA... Play that funky bass boy..ya’ll might know him as Raphael Saadiq but uhhh his name is Ray Ray!!! Monday’s music... getting me motivated to get in this kitchen and burn!