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*silverlake, 2018

from the night of the Goalkeepers event back in September // i really can’t stop thinking about all the positive change people are making across the world right to end poverty, promote good health/wellbeing, ensure quality education for anyone who wants it, fight for complete gender equality and so so SO much more. So many massive issues are being worked on day and night. Hearing global leaders like Bill Gates, Emmanuel Macron and Graça Machel speak on these topics, truly opened my eyes; change is possible and it’s happening everywhere. In today’s fast-paced/interconnected world, it’s super important we remember that. BUT.. we can do better and we can always do more to help. If you want to learn more about global change, seriously check out and study up! Don’t wait bc the world needs you today! I’m inspired and want to do my part. #Goalkeepers18 #DiscoverGlobalGoals

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  • waiting for my americano

    my dad will like this one #35mm

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  • yeah yeah just trying to blend in 🌿🌹💐 (cute boy @willdarbyshire took this of me )

    it’s #WorldMentalHealthDay, so here’s a pleasant reminder from me to you to take care of yourself! We nourish our muscles and bones. We pamper our skin, teeth and hair. Don’t forget about your mind! It needs love and attention too! If you’re struggling, even just a little bit, you should talk to someone about it. It helps a lot to let another person in on your troubles. Trust me. Anyways, be well and enjoy this video I took around 6am in Malibu back in August 💛

    some fall colors to brighten your day // go outside if you can 🍂💆🏻‍♂️

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    I uploaded a short film to my channel about mental health and personal identity | click the link in my bio and watch it pretty pretty please! - I’ve had the idea of running 26 miles (a marathon ) around my 26th birthday for an LGBTQ+ charity ( @GLSEN ) for a few years now and, spoiler, it’s happening this weekend! This video wouldn’t have been possible without the support of @Youtube / #CreatorsforChange, so massive shout out to them AND thank you for donating $100,000 (yes, you read that correctly ) to the campaign! Also, thank you to my talented friend, @timtothewild , for directing + creating the beautiful soundtrack to the film. - Okay, I think that everything. Maybe? Idk. Enjoy the video and donate if you can 💞


    i think this was from day one in portugal? a rare relaxed connor caught on camera 🍻🤙🏻