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We are so ready to be inspired this weekend at @christybwright #businessboutique! It's so easy to get into a rut or a certain mindset when when stepping out of comfort zones, going against what others said you couldn't do, trying something you think may not even work, to doing the thing and running a business. Many times we hold back even more as a Christian/Kingdom business owner not realizing the power of a kingdom entrepreneur. Not realizing that we can SERVE others as part of our business. Like REALLY serve them. Our businesses can and should be an extension of who God created us to be. #Godgaveuspurpose #everyoneofourbusinessesmatter #weareinthiskingdomtoserve

Exactly what I need this morning! Oh and some food.... Happy Friday 💕 #jesusmysavior #givemejesus #coffee #givemethecoffe

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  • This!!! All of this!! Are you in a season where things seem like they are falling apart? Hold on tight girlfriends! It can be messy, and downright hard, but there is so much light at the end! #itsajourney #itscomingtogether #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #itsokay #transformyourmind #youareevolving #truth #womanoffaith #faithgirl

    I hope your week has been absolutely amazing and your weekend will be even better!! How about I tell you a bit about me with #fridayintroductions 🕶Hey guys!!! I am Crystal Keefer. 🎨I am an Artist, photographer, writer, and all around creative. 📿I have a heart for Jesus Christ. He is my absolute everything! I love people and want the best for them. ♥️ I founded RAW- Real Amazing Women - an online community for women to help them stop believing the lies and take the word cant out of their vocabulary so they can walk in truth knowing who they are. (No IG as of right now. See bio link for more info ) 🎁I have a gift for encouraging others and it warms my heart so much helping others. 🌹I love flowers and have been wearing floral clothing since grade school! 📷One of my favorite things is to get lost in a garden taking photos. It's more than just a photo. There is a lot that speaks to me in a photograph . 🖌I paint inspirational wall canvases to add color and inspiration to one's life. We all go through hard stuff, but need reminding of truths to keep us going. ☕I love coffee, my homemade chocolate chip cookies, and working out. 🍻I believe that fall is trying to escape us so we can continue to be confused about the seasons 🎉I am a mom to Constance and a wife to my MySpace sweetheart (Don't have a high school sweet heart. Lol ) 🏄‍♀️I love to let go at the beach and breathe in new refreshing life. It refreshes me! 🌿I am an introvert and it took some time to realize my true self! 📖 Want to know more, just ask! I am an open book! 🏠we are currently selling our home to do a renovation on my childhood home. 💃I dance. All the time and we have dance parties in the morning before school with spoons as microphones - see my stories Tell me about You! I love hearing about others ❤ #thisisme #meettheartist #thereismoretome #thatsonlyabit

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  • When is the last time you just let go in nature? Like really closed your mind off and chose to be present in nature. It would really do you good. Put the phone down, release yourself of your to do list and just be. Take in the birds chirping. Take in the quiet, the serenity. Take in the fresh air. Take in every ounce of beauty around you. If you dont see the beauty, try to calm your mind even more. We only get THIS day today. When the day is over we don't get THIS day ever again. #nature #choosehappiness #flowers #flowergarden #photographyisart

    Have you had someone close to you throw words your way that only left you discouraged instead of energized and lifted up? That crap hurts doesn't it? If you are anything like me, you may have turned around and lashed back at them or if you were on the phone, you maayy have found the "end call" button a bit too fast, letting them know that they were not going to talk to you that way .... but even so doing that, the words still sting! I want to remind you today that you are unique and you are more than enough. You don't have to do things like anyone else except for yourself. You do things the way you do them, even if they do not make any sense to anyone else! And you accept that as who YOU are and keep it rolling! I promise you, that it is perfectly okay and some people just will not understand many things that you do. BECAAAUUUSSEEE, it doesn't seem like what the majority of people do. Remember you were not created to be like anyone or do things like someone else. You are more than enough, just the way you are! #artwork #wordsoftruth #stopthelies #wordscanhurt #wordscanuplift #encouragement #women #womenoffaith

    (This one should be easier to see ) I am sure you have seen these words before. And maybe you just saw them as words and not as an actual truth because it wasn’t broken down in a way that reached you. Maybe you just saw them simply as a quote. We tend to do that with a lot of words that come our way, but since I am a lover of words, I tend to look just a tad bit deeper into words. On the surface these words to the right can leave you asking or saying “how is that possible” or “ummm, I can’t see how” or “I don’t feel equipped, so I need something more”. It took me a bit to truly grasp it all. Actually, that happened today when the words were going to be used for a simple quote/post on social media, I felt a little tug and a little inspiration to truly dig into the quote. The words did their job as an inspirational quote and offered encouragement throughout the years. Absolutely, but for a long time, I didn’t seek the truth behind the words to see if there was even any truth. What did it even mean? I will have to dissect it through my words. I feel it in my heart and even more so considering quite a bit of time has passed since I first put those words in a frame in my office (then part of my dining room in our apartment ). When I walk out of my office now, I see those words and they remind me of something. They reminded me that I have everything I need inside me to succeed. So should there ever come a time when I became discouraged, or if I fell into the trap of comparison, these words were truth. **Continue reading on the blog - link in profile** #words #wordsofwisdom #partofmystory #faith #faithfilled #faithgirl #womanoffaith #liveouttruth

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  • Earlier today, I came across a video on Facebook that was sharing some really amazing facts about going to the beach or living close by the beach. How the beach can change brainwaves, bring a sense of calmness and peace, how it destimulates the brain, how it helps us to slow down and relax, how the smell of ocean breeze is soothing and how having our feet in the sand causes us to relax. It was the perfect description of what was so true for me pertaining to the beach. When life used to get hectic, I used to always say “I have got to get to the beach”. And sure enough, I felt every bit of what the video/article was describing. I would go during the winter, during preparation for a major storm, during the summer of course, but it was a way for me to let everything go and feel God’s peace. I felt closer to Him because I was beside this huge body of water that He created. We are preparing for a hurricane here in South Carolina and I am allowing myself to seek peace and calmness. I am allowing myself to be myself 100% – the laid back, faith-filled, go with the flow person I am. I am praying and releasing. I have to guard my mind, eyes, and heart in order to stay close to God during this time because a lot of the world around me is panicked, worried, stressed, etc. And if I’m not careful, the fear of others can be projected onto me, causing me to forget the truth that I know in my heart. I will get wrapped up and start to feel chaotic. Which is not God’s way for me. I must admit, that we were in this same situation last year with a hurricane approaching the shores. Actually, the same thing happened 2 years in a row prior to last year in 2015 and 2016, but last year, I really got caught up in the chaos. I was really worried, I was experiencing anxiety, I was an absolute mess in my mind and my overall being, it was an indescribable bad feeling all over. *continue reading on blog - link in bio* #storms #hurricaneseason #stormsoflife #guardyourheart #guardyourself #faith #faithgirl #womanoffaith

    Sometimes we dont always feel brave but on a daily basis we do brave things! Dont let someone else's words dictate your worth, who you are or what you can or cannot do. You are brave and courageous. Believe.That.Truth. <3 #youarebrave #youarecourageous #truth #youareyou

    Gotta have the coffee today! Who am I kidding, that's an EVERYDAY thing 😁 Sick kid, tired momma, my hair could use a good refresh, but not doing that today 🤪 House showing request at 10 , and there is a HUGE, I mean, YUUGE spider with a zig zag web by the bushes in the front yard!! I.Don't.Do.Spiders. I am going to need another cup! #coffeeaddict #givemethecoffe #mamaistired #sickkiddo #sellingthehouse

    Happy Monday beautiful friends! There may be a lot going on in your life today, but remember today can be as beautiful or as ugly as you SAY it will be <3 I am choosing to say today will be beautiful and full of life, good energy, love and so much more. I will find the beauty in the day and focus on that, instead of focusing on the negative <3 #choosehappiness #choosepositive #seethebeauty #eachdayisagift #flowers #nature

    Have you found yourself asking yourself “who am I? One of the reasons we get here is due to the fact that we had started to suppress who we truly are along this path in life to fit into some box the world, our family, our friends, tried to put us in. Read more on the blog! Link in profile #truth #wordsofwisdom #beyou #youareamazing #doyou #beyoualways

    I used to kill lots of plants, but each year I learn more and keep trying. I am sharing my journey in the garden on the blog. Im hopeful for you too. link to blog in bio #plants #flowers #flowergarden #plantlover #plantkiller #plantlife

    In the middle of seriousness and encouraging quotes, make sure you throw in some jokes 😉 #floralart #wallart #canvasart #color #walldecor #artforthehome

    Have you been taking care of your mind lately? There is just so much that goes through our minds on a daily basis. So much of it is chaos from the world, lies that try to keep us down and nonsense other people try to tell us when they feel small. Our mind is a beautiful place, take good care of it. Feed it, nurture it and nourish it with the good stuff. You are worth a well cared for mind. Will you choose to make a conscious decision to feed it faith, truth and love? #mindful #faith #truth #love #yourmindispowerful

    Seasons Of Uncertainty I'm not sure about you guys, but I get distracted REALLY easy and distractions can keep us from what God has for us along with keep us going in a circle of thoughts so we aren't focusing on what matters most. Aside from an artist and a photographer, I am actually a writer too. I process through writing. I tell stories through writing. God uses me through writing. And I am a lover of words. BUT I have allowed myself to be distracted with being "busy" with my business. At 3 am God woke me up to reveal something to me and today I fasted social media quite a bit along with my phone. And I WROTE something. Actually I have written a lot today. Some on the computer and some with pen and paper. God even met me in my writing. You will see as you read <3 New blog post from today - link in bio #truth #faith #vulnerability #transparency #womanoffaith #jesushasitundercontrol #raw #seasons #seasonsoflife

    Have you been feeling defeated in many areas of your life, feeling like you dont have the strength to do the things you want or get through a hard season in life? Girlfriend, I gotta spill some truth for a moment! So many times we think that we "Can't" Can't own a business Can't go back to school Can't get through this challenging time Can't workout Can't run Can't do life because it's hard Can't have a good day Can't face the hard stuff The list goes on. Let me tell you something. There is a reserve of strength that is deep in the inside of you. It's when you meet God and He helps pull you through when you have faith (believing that which you aren't able to see and feel just yet ) and making a decision to not give up. God lives inside of us, so why would we think for a moment that we CAN'T do something? It's time to change our words! And sure some things take a bit more time or training, but we can still change our words to create positive energy around them. Change can't to CAN and push through. Even when it's hard, push. Even when it hurts, push. Even when you have no clue what's going to happen, push. Keep pushing through. Dig a little deeper and Keep going. You will get through to the other side! You are an amazing woman and you grab ahold to EVERYTHING that you ARE and keep going <3 #truth #real #raw #wordsofwisdom #wordshavepower #faith #womanoffaith

    There are so many things in this life that try to make us believe different. This life is a journey and even though some of the things we must go through, change we must experience, constantly evolving, challenges we face, through it all, you are courageous and you are so brave. When thoughts start to weigh down on you and you are feeling so less than, remember the times when you faced something hard or scary in your past. Allow that to give you hope that if God brought you through then, he will bring you through now. And if he is always with us, then the truth is... YOU ARE BRAVE. Even when you dont feel like it. YOU ARE BRAVE. Even when all things may be pointing out your weaknesses. YOU ARE BRAVE. Even when you dont know what the next second may bring. YOU ARE BRAVE. ❤❤❤ #youarebrave #truth #believewhatstrue #youaremore #standfirm #faith #faithgirl #womanoffaith #encouragement #uplifting #knowwhoyouare