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Major alert... Wadup @youngdolph We been at the track this week, not blending in... That’s a problem big bro. Shot this this morning for the #ThatsMajorChallenge & the camp gown. Turn up. Lets race in Memphis when we win.🥂 💯 All artists, we been rebuilding the site & focusing on what’s most important to help grow aspiring artists fan bases.

RIP #MACMILLER.😢💯 i hopped in to hiphop in 09. cudi was the final pull into what i had already been raised on in the background... in a million years wouldn't have guessed i would have to hear what i heard today about mac passing away... nor would i have thought it would have upset me as much as it has... i didn't realize how closely i watched his rise back in 2010+ this is nuts. this dude hands down was insane with his flow & over time turned into a great producer... i was working with mikey rocks at the time... this was before i moved to chicago... they would always say how they flew out to macs house in LA each weekend.... he had his first huge mansion... & i thought that was wild... that flying to macs was about as normal as me drving to chicago to show them my branding plans... i don't know what else to say... i wish that him & his parents the best as well as his ex gf as people will likely flat out blame her...

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    what’s the dopest chain this man ever bought?💸

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  • send it all. it all drops. call it a half pipe. dont skin knees. lookin lookin lookin like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa red baboon asshomie. 📟 beep is in the bio💯

    drop the hottest EVER gucci joint below. 🔥🔥🔥

    throw us ur new new. 🔥 💯 hit the link in bio!📟

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  • When she leaves you on read

    Enjoy 👀😂

    100% hahha

    Ohhh damn goteeeem👀😂

    No words 🔥😂