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🎂Birthdaymood🎂 . Today is my 25th Birthday🎉 . And I've invited a couple of friends over to celebrate and I still have to prepare a few things for the party, that's why my caption is a bit shorter today. . The picture is a long exposure shot I took of the State Opera yesterday. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . What do you prefer for a birthday? . Birthdaycake or Birthdaycupcakes?

🌇Sunset at the library 🌇 . If you wanna enjoy the sunset, I've a great spot for you. . The stairs in front of the main library. . I used to sit here quite often with a couple of friends, drinking beer or wine and enjoy the beautiful sunset . ❤️General Thank You❤️ . I've reached a new goal 😁 . My feed crossed the 4000 follower mark. . That's the perfect moment to thank all of you. You're amazing and keep motivating me with all of your kind comments and feedback. ❤️ . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . What do you wanna see next on my feed? Give me your ideas and thoughts in the comments below 👇

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  • 🌆Urban Art🌆 . The thing I love the most about street art is the suddeness of it. . Like you're strolling along the street, minding your own business and suddenly you see a piece of art on the wall, that you haven't seen or recognized before. . That exact same thing happened to me. On the day I took this picture. . I live in Vienna for almost 8 1/2 years and I was in this area quite a lot, believe me 😅, but haven't discovered this street art before. . It was slightly hidden in a street running parallel to the Mariahilfer Straße and on that one day I just walked home differently and BAM ✨🎉 there they were a lot of different paintings all over the walls. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Have you ever discovered a place in your hometown, that you haven't seen before? . Write me your story in the comments below 👇 . I'm already excited to read from you 😊 . For more pictures of Vienna follow me on @demiantravels

    🍂❄️Cold November Days❄️🍂 . The days are getting shorter🌌 and colder❄️ and there's nothing we can do about it, but put on some comfy clothes🧦🧣 and drink our favourite hot beverage 🍵☕ . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . What is your favourite hot beverage? ☕🍵

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  • 🍂Sunday in the park with... 🍂 . The weekend's over 🙄, but I finished this gloomy sunday with a late afternoon walk through the Volksgarten. . In the picture you can see the Temple of Theseus in the middle of the park, it's a smaller replica of the Theseion in Athens was built between 1819 and 1823. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Finish the sentence: . Sunday in the park with.... . Hint: it's a Broadway Musical😉

    ☁️Vienna from above☁️ . To see my hometown from above never fails to impress me. . That's why I took a ride with the "Blumenrad" at the Prater, it's the second ferris wheel and also quite affordable. . They also have a bar downstairs and you get a ride for free if you get a cocktail . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Wanna join for a ride? 🎡

    🐎Riding into the weekend🐎 . It's Friday, hooray🎉 So go out there have a party 🎊or just stay at home order a nice pizza🍕 and binge the hell out of this weekend. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Are you ready for the weekend?

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  • ☕Coffee Addict ☕ . If you know me well, you probably know that you better shouldn't talk to me in the morning before I had minimum a cup of coffee.😅 . Also cafés are the best places for me to meet friends, learn, read and so on. . Luckily Vienna has a lot of beautiful old Cafés almost everywhere. . Let me tell you one thing, if you wanna eat a good Wiener Schnitzel, forget about the overpriced restaurants in the city center, you'll drive much better and also much cheaper in one of the traditional cafés. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Are you a coffee lover?

    🍂Gloomy Monday🍂 . I had a wonderful walk through the foggy Burggarten today, before our Dress Rehearsal. . The next 2 days I'll have 2 concerts, it's a little journey through Broadway history, so if you've got time and you're in Vienna the next 2 days. I would love to see some of you guys there. . The concerts are in the Theater L.E.O in the 3. District. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . How was your Monday today?

    🌌Through the Night🌌 . Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, I love to walk through town and see all the lights around me, be it the stars or the buildings. . We have a brand new week waiting for us😊 . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . What are your plans for the upcoming week?

    🌟Viennese Arcades🌟 . Today I walked by the Viennese Cityhall and saw that they're already building up the infamous Viennese Christmasmarket 😇 . They will open on my birthday the 16.11., then it's time to get Glühwein, candied almonds, baked potatos and so on. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Anybody up for a Glühwein?

    🍁Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.🍁 . We've finally reached the 11th month of the year November. . November has always been a special month for me, not only because I was born in November, but also because its the time to say goodbye to autumn and welcome winter. 😊 . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Are you ready for November?

    😴Chilled days😴 . Today was a free day here in Austria, so I kind of spent the whole day at home and rehearse a couple of stuff for the concerts next week. . But later today I'll meet up with @gisilicious_ , her boyfriend, @ephecus93 and @xcayleen to play a little escape the room game. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Have your ever done an 'escape the room' game?

    🎃Happy Halloween🎃 . We finally arrived at the end of October and also at the end of my week 😁 . What are your plans for tonight? Will you go to a Halloweenparty? Do you have a costume? . Tell me about everything in the comments below

    🎄55 days until Christmas🎄 . How do you know, that Christmas is near in Vienna? . The answer is, Christmas Chandeliers are up at the Graben 🎉🎊 . I also had my first gingerbread latte of the season today😂 . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Are you ready for Christmas? 🎄🎁

    ☔Afternoon walk☔ . Yesterday @gisilicious_ called me to take a little walk through town and what can i say, I'm pretty glad that I've went outside to get some fresh air😁 . On our tour we came by this beautiful scenery in the picture the "Jusitzpalast" (the austrian supreme court ) on a late autumn afternoon. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . How was your Monday? On a Scala from 1-10.

    ☔Rainy Sundays☔ . It's Winter Time now! Last night our time changed from summertime to wintertime, that means we're one step closer to the cold season 🌬️❄️ . It's time to make a cup of tea, cover yourself with a comfy blanket and binge a few TV-Series. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . What TV - Series are you watching at the moment?

    ❤️Make Love not War❤️ . Today is the Austrian National Day 🇦🇹 and I wanna give you a little insight in what this day is about. . Similar to Germany, Austria was divided into 4 occupation zones after WW2 , each under the control of one of the allied forces (UK, France, USA, USSR ). . On the 26th of October 1955, the austrian neutrality came into force and the last troops of the allied occupation forces left the country and Austria was free again. . From that day on Austria is a neutral country and still is until today, eventhough we're part of the European Union🇪🇺, the austrian army doesn't participate in any war and only participates in UN🇺🇳 peacekeeping operations. . ⁉️Question of the day⁉️ . Should more countries in the world declare it's neutrality and don't participate in useless wars?