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how many chapsticks do you lose per year?

what’s up doc?

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  • if i had the time and space, i would definitely consider drying all my clothes this way. it’s so pretty. (🤳🏿after two bottles of this delicious red wine from Austria. )

    bye nyc. you’ve been so good to me these last couple of months, but it’s time for me to take flight. can’t wait to see you again. puss puss. ✌🏾 **i’m not moving**

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  • welcome to my pumpkin patch. 🎃

    mood for the next two weeks. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    sunday styles.

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  • breakfast smoothie?

    ain’t no thang but a pinky rang. 💍




    🍎 🍑 🍓 🥜 - when the food u might be allergic to matches your look.