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We are heading into our final week with the LOOP in Downtown Fort Worth. Don’t miss your chance to see this free, interactive exhibit in Burnett Park through October 28. ✨ ••• Video by @fwlocals – Thanks for stopping by #downtownfortworth and sharing the fun!

#downtownfortworth shot by @naturemoccs 🏙

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  • #downtownfortworth shot by @bigseanitoo 📱🤔 ••• Show us what you’ve got! Use our hashtag #downtownfortworth to be featured on our page.

    When the sun goes down, LOOP lights up the night. ✨ ••• Check out this free, interactive art exhibit in Burnett Park through October 28 and be sure to tag us while you are here! #downtownfortworth ••• Video by @ecfilmstx @erikclapp

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  • & all that jazz 🎷 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @bigseanitoo

    LOOP is a retro-futuristic exhibit that you have to see to believe. Experience the magic in Burnett Park in #downtownfortworth through October 28! ••• Video by @erikclapp @ecfilmstx

    L O O P in #downtownfortworth ••• Come down to Burnett Park through October 28 and check out this free, interactive art exhibit! 12 different loops each tell their own fairytale through a succession of images animated by the pump of the lever. Come experience the magic and tag us while you’re down here! 👋 @downtownfortworth #downtownfortworth ••• Conception and Execution - @oliviergirouard , @villeneuve8083 , and #ottoblix Production - @_ekumen and @quartierdesspectacles_mtl

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  • What a perfect way to end the day 🙌🏼 ••• Shot by #downtownfortworth resident @briand9m

    🌬Grey skies aren’t so bad after all 😍 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @ewingeric

    The view down Main just doesn’t get old 🙌🏼 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @bigseanitoo

    Meet Tony Formby – the spirit behind the spirits of @acredistilling !🥃 From aspiring law student to business owner, this history buff has quite a history of his own. Take a local look in our latest blog on our story highlights!

    #downtownfortworth shot by @iamcjclements 💛 ••• Show us what you got with #downtownfortworth!

    There’s beauty at every turn 🌇 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @naturemoccs

    Loop is coming to #downtownfortworth! This free, one-of-a-kind interactive art exhibit will be rolling into Burnett Park September 28 – October 28, 2018. Save the dates and tag a friend who can’t miss this! Find more details in our story highlights.

    Best seat in the house to watch the storm roll through 🙌☔️ ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @leavitt2mephotography

    H O M E 💜 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @josephhaubert

    Thank you @pixar for lending us the clouds from Toy Story for the day. ☁️😉 ••• #downtownfortworth shot by @tterpkosh