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Good Afternoon Everyone! Today's #transformationtuesday goes to Melissa B. and Here's her story: "This is actually my 3rd time on the keto diet. I was dedicated the first two times I was on keto, but seeing other people’s quick weight loss success had me perplexed and frustrated. I kept thinking that I must be doing something wrong. Eventually , when my weight didn’t seem to budge after months of trying, I quit. Then, after seeing a photo of myself during Christmas dinner with family ( my before photo ) I was in shock at the person I was looking at. I had hit 225lbs, the heaviest I had ever been, and I was miserable. I felt tired all the time, I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and I avoided mirrors like the plague. I decided it was time to try keto again. So December 28, 2017, I immediately quit sugar and carbs, then set out to do research. That’s when I found Dr. Berg along with several other doctors on YouTube. I knew that having PCOS and hypothyroidism were reasons why I struggled with my weight, but after reading about how my insulin resistance was keeping me fat, was truly profound. I read as much as I could and watched video after video on insulin, insulin resistance and how to reverse it. After getting fat adapted I started intermittent fasting. First it was 16:8 and then I went to 20:4, 5 days a week. My weight loss is still slow but it is coming off! I’m down 35lbs and counting. While I still have more to lose, I have more energy, I’m happy, I sleep better and I certainly don’t avoid mirrors any longer!" . . . . If you have any transformation stories please share below. I'd love to hear about it!.

Hey everyone! How are you all doing today? "Many people are afraid of eating egg yolks because of cholesterol. The fact is that most of the cholesterol in our blood is there not because of what we’ve eaten. Actually, our livers make approximately 75 percent of the cholesterol that exists in our blood." The more cholesterol we eat, the less the body will make. The less cholesterol we eat, the more the body will make. If cholesterol were so bad for us, why would our bodies make so much?

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  • Hey everyone! Hope you guys had the chance to see the Live Q & A earlier. Here is another clip from the previous weeks live Q&A where I answered the question about electrolyte. . . #FlashbackFriday #KetoLiveQandA #KetoDiet #QandA #KetoHealthSummit

    Hey guys! Here's a recent video I posted where I talked about the amazing benefits of prolonged fasting. Prolonged fasting is the fasting where you would go 48 to 72 hours or longer. . . . To see the rest of the video visit my website or YouTube Channel.

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  • Hey everyone! "Grains are the most common intestinal irritant, among all the things you can eat, but specifically the protein part of grain—the part called gluten. Gluten is the stuff that makes the texture of bread so gooey and delicious. "

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Today's #transformationtuesday goes to Jon T. Here's his story: "I’m not one to post pics of myself, never liked them and still dont! Today a year ago, I started the Keto Lifestyle and it’s been AMAZING! Yes it was a bit difficult to wrap my head around everything we have learned growing up and against my doctors requests. It was slight difficult and lots of will power as I was a sugar freak for 48 years, but has paid off completely. Thank my wife Jane for Always supporting me and not letting me drift off. I started at 300lbs a year ago, and today I’m at 242lbs and would love to get to 225lbs.  First 3 months I initially lost 50lbs and since then I’ve been just maintaining and losing a little at a time.  I’m off all 7 prescription pills from Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Cancer meds. My A1C used to range 6.8-7.2, now I’m at 5.4 which is considered not diabetic (but once you are you always are ) but I can keep it at bay. I follow Dr. Eric Berg, Thomas DeLauer, The Dr. Jason Fung Fan Club - Fasting Support all great help in my journey.  It’s a lifestyle change I’m on for the rest of my life and think I may have influenced some people I hope. I love my BACON, Avocados, cheeses and all the great recipes all over Facebook and from all my friends. #ketoforlife #ketolifestyle #ketoon" If you have any transformation stories please share below,  I'd love to hear about it!.

    Hey everyone! "Liver types usually have a dull pressure and fullness in the upper abdomen just under the right rib cage. Some of these people get tired for a while after each meal. "

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  • Hi Everyone! Hope you guys had the chance to see the Live Q & A earlier. Here's another clip from a previous weeks Live Q & A where I talked about celery juice on IF. . . . #KetoLiveQandA #KetoDiet #QandA

    Hey everyone! Here's a recent video I posted where I talked about the absolute worst sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols are low calorie alternative sweetener. To see the rest of the video, visit my YouTube Channel or Website.

    Hi everyone! "The liver is the body's filtration system. It filters out microbes, drugs and dead cells from the body as an immune function."

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Today's #transformationtuesday goes to Melissa C. Here is her story: " My name is Melissa and I'm 29 years old. I work as a Registered Nurse and realized I was spending more time taking care of others than I was taking care of myself. At my heaviest weight, I made moderate lifestyle changes but couldn't seem to keep the weight off. After years of yo-yo dieting, I decided to try the keto diet. With the help of Dr. Berg's lectures, support group and hard work, I turned myself into a fat burning machine. I gave up sugar, re-cut gluten, drastically reduced my carbohydrate intake and eventually incorporated some intermittent fasting. Through Keto + IF along with moderate excersize, I am seeing results in the mirror after 6 weeks of committing to this lifestyle that I've never seen before. I'm a total of 37.2lbs down from my heaviest weight and dropped 7.5" + 2 dress sizes. I am no longer considered morbidly obese, my energy levels are through the roof, and I'm on my way to a happier & healthier me. I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. Thanks, Dr. Berg!.” . . . . If you have any transformation stories please share below.. I'd love to hear about it!.

    Hey guys! How are you all doing today? "A poorly functioning thyroid gland produces puffiness around the eyes and sagging of the eyelids. If it's bad enough, the tongue even thickens, causing a slight slurring of speech, and the voice can become deeper and rougher in sound."


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