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It's never too snowy for a hike in the woods. Photo: @tiffpenguin #LiveYourAdventure

Who is ready to drop in on winter?​ Photo: @willwiss #LiveYourAdventure

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  • Sharing your flannel is a sign of true friendship. Photo: @twodapperdoods #LiveYourAdventure

    Take the trail less travelled. Where is your favorite place to hike? Photo: @wilderness_addict #LiveYourAdventure #NationalTakeAHikeDay

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  • Stepping into the season like. . Photo: @emilyabbate #LiveYourAdventure

    Our Founder, Eddie, was an outdoor guide. That’s why, for 96 years, we’ve continued to work with guides that help design and test the latest innovations in outdoor gear and apparel. Watch the full video at link in our bio. #LiveYourAdventure

    That feeling when you know you’ll never be cold again. #getdown #LiveYourAdventure Photo: @MKWmoses

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  • What happens when you put a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts into a beautiful landscape? Here is a peek into the other side of the lens when our #EBContributors get together to collaborate. Photo: @justindkauffman #LiveYourAdventure

    Paddling through the fall colors and blending in with the trees. Photo: @CalSnape #LiveYourAdventure

    Tag you winter adventure buddy. What is on the bucket list for this season?​ ​ #LiveYourAdventure​ ​

    Spending the weekend with your best friend. ​ . Photo: @brookewillson #LiveYourAdventure​