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verrrRryyy SAUCY

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  • 💃🏻

    Had my haircut for over a month and this is the first time I’ve actually done it : )

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  • Throwing back cos I haven’t had a life for two weeks

    Couldn’t have worn more black if I tried?

    The 7th year we’ve celebrated your birthday together.. here’s to many more!!! Happy birthday to the best @st_stone 💗

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  • Happy birthday to everyone’s best girl friend 💗😍🤩

    Helping Amz get through her last week of CO.. one g&t at a time 💃🏻

    Feeling ALOT of emotions of joy and happiness for you right now @amybrownridge !!!! So many good things to come, can’t wait to be standing with you and watching you kick all your goals and more 💗💗 here’s to an exciting few years to come!!! So proud of you SIS xxx

    when ur about to serve up some piping hot tea to ur friends at work

    Love 💗


    So much love 💗