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lol 💅

That’s enough tea for the day... time to drink water

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  • Av🥑cad🥑 T🥑ast

    Had a fun ass day

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  • 😎

    a film phot Edit: fuck now that I see this in my feed my body positioning is almost identical to two photos ago making me feed look somewhat repetitive. Maybe I should just give up now🤧😷🤢

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend: ) the big 1-9!!!!!!

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  • Me: is this cool? Gray: yea Me: 😁 Gray: ur pimples match ur strawberries and ur strawberries match ur shoes Me: 🤧

    Grayson already got our house ready for Halloween. Not even mad tho I love halloween: ) freakin bats... Polaroid by @bryant

    Film from set