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@gumdrops2003 just told me something happend to one of my old friends ...hope u get better @410_greggy


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  • Board cuz im satying home cuz im sick n i have nothing to do

    Yay!! My mom n dad just left to go to the doctors to get an ultrasound

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  • My face when somone claims they like chandler riggs or carl grimes more than me!

    I said girl u better back up off him when carl n dat girl were bout to kiss[] #Thewalkingdead

    My snack for today[] Soooo good

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  • Oh my goddd Who remembers we have to do 3 hours of mobymax

    Question of the day !!!!!

    Starting today every day i will make questions of the day


    I did 5 questions for the math packet many have you did

    Who is your best friend?????


    Idk how long im gonna be grounded 4 if my parents find out i jave a instagram

    Happy birthday dad Luv u

    My room so frekin dirty I hate having to clean it


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