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H A P P Y W E E K E N D 😎✌🏼🎤🤘🏼💣 👋🏼 W H A T E V E R Y O U ‘ R E D O I N G - D O I T H A P P Y ! 👋🏼 . . . Tagged some of you who I know get me!

You ever have one of those days? . Why would I even ask that? Of course you have. We all have. . I don’t always have Nutella but today I was glad I did. It’s one of those things you can take a huge spoonful of and savor it. . And it’s not going to make you feel worse about yourself. So you can have that moment as you clean the spoon but it’s not the sit-and-eat-a-whole-pizza kind of sulking. . I didn’t used to be mindful of what kind of binge I would jump into when life had me by the balls. I self-medicated with whatever I could get my hands on. The serotonin rush was good but the drop in self-esteem after only made me feel worse about everything. . The journey I’ve been on has taught me that I AM in control of what I do with and to my body. And that empowerment has literally transformed what happens when something I DON’T have control over catches me completely off guard. . DM me if you want to chat about how this last year has helped me transform the way I handle stress while helping me find my best self and become the healthiest I’ve ever been - physically, mentally & emotionally! . Yes, how you treat your body can do ALL OF THAT! . . #letterboardquotes #letterboards

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  • If my life had a filter which ONE would I choose? . Would it be the Kylie make-up one? This, no doubt, would save me a couple hours a week and I don’t really wear a lot of make-up. But on days I’m in a hurry, I just don’t “put my face on” and sorry, but you have to look at my colorless mug if you need me for something. . Maybe it would be the one that makes you look thinner. But I like working out and challenging myself. Sweating it out is good for my psyche. . Or how about the one where your features melt off your face? That could be “the look” I throw at any one of my three kids when they’re pushing my buttons. But a couple don’t push my buttons and the one who does needs my words and love more than he needs an annoyed look. . I think the only filter I would pick to have all the time is the SUNSHINE one! Not only do I crave that big giant ball in the sky but I like to BE that big giant ball in other people’s lives. And sometimes I’m not feeling so sunny. But even still, making the decision to BRIGHTEN your own day can be done without a filter. . How about you? What filter would you choose?

    My husband is famous for passing along Ted talks and articles to me and my older two kids. We joke about the dry, professional manner in which he hands over these things he knows will add value to our lives. . Today we all got an email with a link to an article that talked about THE SHORT GAME vs. THE LONG GAME. . The short game is putting what seems hard on the back burner and doing the things that seems more fun. The short game = immediate gratification. It’s seductive. . Why put a paycheck in the bank when you could cash it and buy those jeans? Why study for Friday’s quiz when there’s a party down the hall tonight? . Trouble is, the effects of the short game multiply the longer you play. The impact is small that day but as days turn into months then years the result are HEAVY. People who play the short game don’t see the costs until they become too BIG to ignore. . The long game is the opposite of the short game, it means paying a small price today to make tomorrow’s tomorrow easier. If we can do this long enough to see the results, it feeds on itself. . From the outside, the long game looks pretty boring: Saving money and investing it for tomorrow or leaving the party early to go get some sleep. . The first step to the long game is the hardest. The first step is visibly negative. You have to be willing to suffer today in order to not suffer tomorrow. . Not everything requires the long game to be a success. The question you need to ask is when and where to play a long-term game. . A good place to start is with things that compound: knowledge, relationships, and finances. . If you keep putting it off until tomorrow, tomorrow will never come. . Your head might be in the game...but which one? Long or Short?

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  • “Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” - Alan Alda . Oh, my brain has most definitely been where most others haven’t. Two years into our marriage my husband stopped asking me what I was thinking when I was quiet in the car. . Why did he stop asking? . “Well, I was just thinking what if all those hills over there started to move. What if they moved not like an earthquake but like giants that have been crouching down for centuries. Hiding. Ya know, the trees have been their fur all these times we’ve driven past them but we never knew? So one day they decided to sit up. They would blink their giant eyes and trees and wildlife would fall from their giant lashes. They’re friendly guys. They wouldn’t hurt us. And how cool to have larger than life muppet-like creatures to watch on these long drives.” . That’s apparently when you stop asking. . From an anxiety perspective, I can think of dangerous scenarios and terribly painful ways to die that I’m sure most people could never dream of. And quite honestly, I wish I was those people when it’s pitch black in our bedroom and I hear a noise. . Creativity comes in handy when I’m living my other life as a romance author. I was at a concert a couple years ago with my then teenagers and their friends. The lead singer of the band seemed so sad and by the time we got home that night, I’d written an entire storyline in my mind. That book is called WHEN I LIED and was my fourth novel. . Creativity also blesses me in life because as soon as I feel like things are getting boring, man can I throw in a curve ball to change it up a bit. And this is also how I find my tribe...those friends with similar senses of humor, people who “get” me as well as those who are completely opposite and help to reel me back in when I’m walking a little too far outside of the norm. . Creativity can simultaneously be both a curse and a blessing but it sure isn’t BORING! So I’ll keep it. . Stay creative. Keep changing it up. You only live once. Why live boring?

    I’ll love him past 70 for sure! ❤️ This guy. He’s been my best friend for 27 years. He’s seen me at my best and loved me at my worst. He’s seen my body shrink in the throes of bulimia. He’s seen me pass 200 lbs multiple times, two times bc I was pregnant and a couple times when I wasn’t. And through it all he’s worshipped my body. He’s loved me no matter what the scale said. He’s made me feel sexy no matter what size jeans I was wearing. . Can you imagine loving yourSELF this way? It’s hard to do. I’m in the best shape of my life and I still struggle with loving that girl in the mirror. But then this sweet guy will whisper something to me that builds me right back up. I just wonder why it’s so hard to do that for do you stay ahead of the negative talk in your mind? 🙌🏼 Lyrics: Ed Sheeran

    Isn’t everything an “inside job”? Doesn’t how we feel on the inside always effect us outwardly? No matter how hard we try to hide still comes out. Sometimes it shows in our attitude, or our outlook on a situation, how we love, what and who we allow into our lives. It can effect performance at work or intimacy in a marriage, how we parent and how secure we are with who we are. It all comes from what we are telling ourselves inside our head. . Do you know what you’re saying to yourself on the inside? Have you checked yourself lately? I’ve caught myself cracking a joke among friends then I can almost hear a voice in my head say, “They think you’re stupid.” The difference between that self talk now and what it used to be is now that I’m cognizant of it, I can change it. I can catch myself before I complete the thought and change the way I speak inside my head. It’s an inside job, for sure! . A good example of negative self talk is what was going on inside my head after my workout this morning. “I have to do this photo now because I won’t have time later and I look like hell from doing two back-to-back workouts!” What’s the matter with me? Would you have judged me for my bright red, sweat-slicked blotchy face? Probably not. But I was already telling myself I was so gross-looking I couldn’t possibly post my face! Gahhhhhhh! What the hell? Right? . And it just so happens my favorite band of all time sings a song titled “Inside Job.” I’m a 90’s kid. I came into official adulthood in the midst of the grunge era! So, my head swims in those lyrics (as you can see from yesterday’s post, too ). So, check out Pearl Jam’s lyrics for INSIDE JOB and I want to know your take on how you’re speaking to yourself. Because... CHANGE IT! You should be your biggest cheerleader! Talk to yourself the way you praise your babies! Speak positive vibes and above all... LOVE. . 🤘🏼🎤

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  • 🍁 It’s FALL y’all! Hoodies for dayyyzzzz! 🍁 I actually said this exact thing to my husband this morning and he LAUGHED OUT LOUD. If you know my husband, you know you have to be pretty damn funny for that reaction....I thought, “Hmm. Maybe this is IG worthy!” 🍁 Yes? 🍁

    Shake it up today! Break the rules (but not the important ones ) Set lofty goals!

    If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff . . . #picturebooksaremyjam #pigsandpancakes #lauranumeroff #halloweenthrowback #halloween2016🎃

    I love this. On this very dark evening when we celebrate goblins and gore, make sure you fall asleep thinking of the flowers. 🌺🌷🌼🌹🌸💐🌻

    It says, With thanks and appreciation. . It came in the mail with the sweetest note. One of my challengers’ way of letting me know she felt at home in our group. That challenger is now an Emerald coach running her own business! . What I do is beautiful...just a whole lotta paying it forward and women empowering women. It’s all contagious. Someone paid it forward to me, this gift of health & fitness, wellness & strength. And she empowered me to find my best self. So, what did that make me want to do? To duplicate the same beautiful process. And my challengers who become coaches do the same! Not because anyone told them to but because that’s the beauty of paying it just keeps duplicating itself. . The first time I heard the phrase “Pay it forward” it was in the movie by the same name. Haley Joel Osment played Trevor McKinney. And something Trevor says in that movie stands out to me every time I watch it. I marvel at the brilliance of the writers... And what he said is the only part of my job that makes me sad. . Trevor said, “I think some people are too scared, or something. I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way they are - even if they're bad - to change. 'Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses.” . Drop the mic, Trevor. Boom. . Don’t be scared. Don’t settle for something because it’s what you’re used to. Embrace change. Don’t give up. Help yourself & others win.

    So, which decision could change your life? 👉🏼 take the job 👉🏼 lose the weight 👉🏼 quit smoking/drinking 👉🏼 pop the question 👉🏼 buy it 👉🏼 escape 👉🏼 do it for you 👉🏼 get more sleep 👉🏼 eat better 👉🏼 learn more 👉🏼 make more time 👉🏼 take a chance 👉🏼 apologize 👉🏼 believe in yourself 👉🏼 laugh it off 👉🏼 _________________ One decision could change everything. Don’t take that lightly.

    The past couple weeks for me have been kinda tough. I’m usually a super motivated person. You tell me I can’t and I’ll say watch me. . When I wanted to write a book and get picked up by a publisher people said it wouldn’t happen. But I was determined no one was going to keep me from making it happen. It took about 7 years of submitting my work before a publisher said, “We want this book!” . So, I know I can pull myself out of any funk that comes my way and it won’t take 7 years. It will just take me making the decision to stop sucking! Right? . So, get tough with yourself. Tell yourself the buck stops here. Make the decision to flip the switch! . Each time it will get easier and it won’t take as long to whip yourself into the right mindset. . We’ll always have setbacks, that’s life! It’s how you handle those trip-ups that will make or break you. . Be gentle with yourself but at the same time be firm and GET IT! Whatever IT is! 🤘🏼

    What things set your soul on fire? Have you ever had trouble focusing on those things because the negativity in your life has you distracted? Yeah, me too. But not anymore. I put my proverbial ducks in a row starting with the one named “Self Care”! That suck leading the pack helps me focus on those things that light my soul up! What’s holding you back? 🔥

    It was pouring, cold and muddy but the friendships that have lasted through decades of celebrations, tragedy, health & sickness and LOTS of kids kept us warm. #PSUclassof92 -ish

    Something I learned a long time ago. . If you question your own destiny, how do you expect to get there? You won’t. Because deep down YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT. . So, change your mindset. Your life, all the years that come with it, has given you the opportunity to create something GREAT. . I am destined to do GREAT THINGS! And so are YOU! . What do you dream for you? What’s on your vision board? How will you get there? Do you have a plan? Have you set goals? Challenge yourself. Set goals that scare you!

    God painted the sky with my team’s colors! WE ARE! 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️ .. . . #pennstatefootball #pennstatepride #pennstatealumni #pennstatelovestory #weare #nittanylions #homeawayfromhome #ibleedblueandwhite #joepa #statecollege #beatiowa #pennstateiowagame #psuclassof92 @sigmakappapsu