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Wow. What an unbelievable performance. THE LEHMAN TRILOGY. Pure joy. Was so emotional, intelligent and enjoyable.. I highly recommend it. Thank you for an astonishing evening. #simonrusselbeale #adamgodley #benmiles #sammendes bravo💪👏👏

#fbf to dancing for the Queen 💃🏻

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  • Reebok always keeping me warm... #thermowarm

    I have many talents... 😜 📸 @dudihasson1

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  • 1. 1 in 5 girls in developing countries who enroll in primary school never finish. 2. Only 30% of the world’s girls are enrolled in secondary school. 3. 1 in 7 girls in developing countries is married before the age of 15. 4. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, many of whom are forced into prostitution. 5. 250 million adolescent girls currently live in poverty. Knowledge is power. All girls should have Education and Equality. #DayOfTheGirl


    @mario_sorrenti for @revlon 💄

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  • Taraji.. You go girl.. So so true and powerful!! 👑🙌👏 @tarajiphenson

    This family was a huge part of my childhood. And now it's so cool that I get to be apart of the Simpsons' Season 30 premiere episode 😱🙆‍♀️ Airing tonight!....

    You gotta sweat for it, right?

    An all-new trailer, now loading.... 👊🏁 #ralphbreakstheinternet in theaters November 21st!

    No filter needed. Just took this photo.. Today is Yom Kippur. A day when you open your heart and forgive.. A day when you do self examination.. So I am sorry if I ever hurt your feelings. I am grateful to the world and to the people in my life.. And just like this beam of light I hope this year we'll always try to shine light.. It spreads and reflects and making the world positive and brighter. GMAR HATIMA TOVA ✨