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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around depression floating about, and @jengotch is here to clear some of that up. Depression is different for everyone, but on #JenGotchIsOK🙃 we're discussing how we think and identify with the illness. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.

Raise your hand if you've experienced similar 🙋 via @attndotcom

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  • On now—an essay on how the treatment of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations might be seen in some ways as a barometer for how we’ve progressed as a culture, against the backdrop of #MeToo. Read it at the link in bio. #believesurvivors P.S. tag the creator of this image if you know 'em.

    Do you relate? Then our newest podcast with @Tumitravel , “In Progress: An Imperfect Journey Navigated” is a must-listen, packed with advice on how to find your purpose from some of the brightest creatives and entrepreneurs in the game. Link in @girlbossradio bio to subscribe now.

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  • Self-assurance is the least aggressive yet most effective form of intimidation. Author and #saggyboobsmatter activist @theslumflower carries it with her at all times, armed and ready, and thinks you should, too. Link in stories for why her self-assurance is non-negotiable.

    Hello to all my new employers! Link in bio for a guide to making your LinkedIn profile work for you, not the other way around.

    Friendly reminder #SelfCareSunday Art by @subliming jpg for Girlboss

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  • Dame Stephanie Shirley is a pioneer in information technology and founded an all-women software company "Freelance Programmers" in 1962. She fought against discrimination as a women in the world of science; for a long time she went by "Steve" to be taken seriously. This quote is from a TED talk she gave on ways to spot an ambitious women, with just a bit of humor. 🙃👊

    The hustle can make it feel like we have to choose between our careers and our personal lives. But we’re calling BS. Our newest podcast with @tumitravel , “In Progress,” has some grade-A advice on how to nurture your most important relationships while you’re out there killing it in your career. The first ep drops September 28; link in @girlbossradio bio to smash that subscribe button so you don’t miss out.

    Evergreen weekend content from @traceeellisross and @issarae 💓

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