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My skin is two tone. IN WINTER it become extra dry and in summer it gets oily and my daughter skin is oily/normal. I bought these two for us . Pink is a gel cream wash for dry and sensitive skin with no soap and alcohol .I thought it would b best for my skin but no . It did not affected my skin. Even after using it my face was looking as i did not clean it ,where as the green one is pure clay . It has 3 clays (KAOLIN a natural clay known to absorb impurities and excess sebum, MONTMORILLONITE IS rich in minerals which helps to eliminate imperfections ,GHASSOUL a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals,renowned to help clarify complextion and EUCALYPTUS known for purifying properties ), worked fantastic for my skin. My skin felt soft and glowly. Smell of this clay wash is nice too. They r both from loreal #loreal

Who is waiting ? I love when snow is falling and I think every one just love it but what I love the most is ,u wake up at 6 a.m to get ur kids ready for school and gets a msg from school "sorry school is closed due to bad weather"😂😂😂😂. Then only u have to do is to make a good cup of tea ,sit near the window and enjoy that bad weather🌨🌨🌨🌨❄❄❄ 😂😂😂.

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  • For the couple of days their post were coming to my feed some how, but I ignored it as i thought they might b some sort of wrestlers. I did not know much about them but ya some times b4 as well their post used to come to my feed. When most of time ,their post started to appear on my feed and when I saw them on fb ,also every one was talking about them as well as some of my family members so I thought I should see whats with them .Then I came to know they r boxers or some what like that. One is Russian Muslim and the other is Irish. Any ways ,I watched their vid after the match and the winner was announced and how every one was praising KHABIB ,I became his big fan. As a Muslim we are taught since the beginning that intentions play an important role in our lives.Allah judges us by our intentions but it does not mean that our action should b bad NO ,NO WAY. PROPHET Muhammad pbuh did not only tell us that how we should live our life by His words but actully lived that life so that it should become ez for us to understand that what He means .HE (PBUH )told us many things but among them am Gina discuss only two right now and that is how worst the ARROGANCE is.He told us that on the day of judgement any person with any amount of arrogance as equal to that of mustered seed will b raised as an ant.Now imagine the ant ,how small it is ,and arrogant ppl would b raised like that no matter how gorgeous or handsome we were ,how wealthy we were,how strong we were ,these thing does not matter to God because these r the blessing of God to us just to test us how we live ur life. The only thing which will take us to heavens will b our good intentions and also our acts according to those intentions , our fear of God ,and our fear in only one God. Congratulations @khabib_nurmagomedov @khabib_nurmagomedov_team

    Who r Prophets and MESSENGERS?well they are God very special ppl ,chosed by God ,from among the ppl to tell us the righteous path exactly as God wanted. These Prophets and MESSENGERS were given special qualities ,that was not given to ordinary ppl like us. They could perform miracles. They were so special that God appointed an angle known as ANGLE GIBRAEEL to deliver God's message to them through revelation. There were only 2 Prophets who were born miraculously ;they were PROPHET ADAM who was born with out parents and Prophet Jesus who was born with out father (may Allah be pleased with them ). Christian ppl often refer Prophet Jesus pbuh as the" Son of the God "as He was born without father and Quran answers this allegation by giving them example of Prophet Adam pbuh as He did not have any of the parent. Almost one hundred 24 thousand Prophets and MESSENGERS were sent down and among them 3oo or more than 300 Prophets were chosen as MESSENGERS . They were all sent for the guidance of humanity .PROPHET Adam pbuh was the 1st one and Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the last Prophet infact Prophet Muhammad pbuh is called as the "seal of the Prophets". Difference between MESSENGERS and Prophets is that Messengers are those who are chosen to deliver a new msg or sharia means law and Prophets are those who carry on with those messages given to the MESSENGERS . In other words ,for a better understanding we can say that MESSENGERS ARE PRESIDENT OF THE DEPARTMENT AND PROPHETS ARE VICE PRESIDENT. They both have the same duty that is to call ppl towards the righteous path And the main msg was to call all of us to worship one God (Allah ). All the MESSENGERS are Prophets but All the PROPHETS are not MESSENGERS. Difference between GOD ,PROPHETS , MESSENGERS and us is that God is the Highigest Being,creator of the entire universe ,hell,heaven,humans,animals ,all the non living and living things. GOD chosed from among the humans to be MESSENGERS and Prophets and given them revelation so that we could be guided . We could b told that how we should live our life and how we can make God happy.

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  • As there r ppl belonging to different religions or believe in God ,there r ppl who doesn't believe in any God . For them science is responsible for every thing. Just because they can't see God,it's not impossible, but becomes difficult some times to make them believe in God. For ppl like atheist or of the same believe ,science holds a special place and all they do is to depend on it for every thing. They don't realize that science is ONLY the STUDY of living and non living things already EXISTED . What scientists do,they get their knowledge from previous scientists studies,put more effort in it and introduces a new technology or study. These scientists are just humans like us and a little more intelligent then us. It's not difficult for God to show Himself to anyone , but God wants us to work hard and find him through His creation and to know the real meaning of Their life and life in general and the purpose behind all these things. #religion#God

    There are estimated 4,200 religion .Every one with their own beliefs and God. For everyone , they believe that their God is the most merciful one .Now ,if we want to confirm that yes there are more then one God ,than why we have a stable universe? Why we have the same HUMAN race with different colours or features but same internal organs and blood colour ?Why we have the same ANIMAL kingdom and PLANT kingdom .Why we have the same Sun as a source of energy or light for us? .Why we have the same pattern of seasons ?Why the sky is of the same colour for centuries? Why the birth of all humans is same ?And many question like this ? If we have more then one God ,then there would b some one who should b controlling all these gods in order to have a stable universe.

    As a non Muslim, Prophet Muhammad PBUH would b ordinary man for u or might b no one, but for billions of Muslim around the globe who had lived and Died, who r about to come, HE(PBUH ) hold's a Special status for centuries.we havnot met Him or saw Him or spent our time with Him but still v can't tolerate any thing about Him.

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    Eid ul adha mubarak tall to all my followers ameen..

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