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Keep sleeping on me, I’ve always thrived being the underdog 😉

Sunday relaxation vibes 🤣 Throwback to that one time @code_eye10 talked me out of going to the gym to get pedicures instead while filming...😅 Miss you broski! We will be back on your TV November 29th! #mtvfloribamashore #noshame

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  • Don’t quit your daydreams 💭 Photo shot by my good friend @c2correia 📷 #daydreamer

    Pic is a little blurry but we were having too much fun to be worrying about taking pictures. Love my little brother and sisters more than anything ❤️ Miss them already #family #siblings

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  • This trip to Florida was much needed. Seeing my family and the people I care about keeps me motivated to get to where I know I can be one day. Not only for myself but for everyone who has shown love to me even when I didn’t love myself. Can’t thank y’all enough, y’all know who you are ❤️ Off to Montreal Canada for a shoot with @saraeirewphotographer then back to Az! And prayers for everyone in danger from hurricane Michael, stay safe fam! 🙏🏻 #prayforthepanhandle

    Gonna miss you guys! See y’all back on @mtv November 29th 🤗 Thoughts on the summer finale of @floribamashore last night ?? Photo shot by the talented @furiousfotog #mtvfloribamashore

    You come for my boy then you gotta get through me first. Don’t try anyone that I call family ✊🏼 @jeremiahbuoni summer finale of @floribamashore in 8 minutes!! #mtvfloribamashore

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  • First time I’ve seen my mom in over a year... Ask me who cried first 😂 Get to spend the weekend with all of my siblings which is rare and get to see both of my parents so my heart is full ❤️ Regardless of the past and no matter what, family is family to me. Will always be my pride ✊🏼

    Got some new ink today and I catch a flight to Tallahassee tonight so I’m a happy boy, I’ll show a full pic of the piece once it heals! 😛💉🤗 ##inked #trashpolka #quartersleeve #bloodmoon

    Stopped worrying about others perceptions and just doing doing me. Got me this far so why would I stop now 😘 #MTVFloribamaShore

    No one likes sleeping alone 🤷🏻‍♂️ Trouble tonight on @floribamashore at 11/10c while we take on New Orleans 😬 #mtvfloribamashore


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