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When your dog goes to anyone BUT you.. 😡😱 (tag a dog person ) 🐶

LINK IN BIO. Watch this turn into a Fast And Furious car chase w/ a crazy twist at the end 🚔💍

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  • Stop scrolling for a second!!! I just posted a new lyric video that I created/ directed/ starred in 💍Thank you to my team for helping out with this one- it turned out so lit! LINK IN BIO to find out what song it is... I got married! (almost )

    NEVER SLAM DOORS!!! 🙅‍♀️😨 Omfggg I owe @kingbach $20k chandelier now!!! WAIT TIL THE END 😭

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  • At least we have each other 😭🙏 (tag someone single )

    Black Swan 🖤 (what r u gonna be for Halloween? ) 💄 @josefigz 📸 @logan_kunde

    WOOOOWW!!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED! I burnt my hair off 😤🤦‍♀️☠️ @lelepons

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  • Coming home to your Dog VS. your Cat 🐶🐱 @directedbystro (are you a dog or cat person? )

    Waking up w/ your crush VS. Your best friend 💑😳 @lelepons @twan @directedbystro (tag a friend )

    When you just want to play #FIFA19, but you're grounded 😤🎮 @EASportsFIFA #EAAmbassador (tag a gamer ) link in bio

    Everyone always looks their best when they’re on camera 😳💁‍♀️ @trackabangbang (tag a friend )

    When anyone check my girl out 👀🙅‍♀️ (WAIT FOR IT ) @adamw @gabrielabandy @nathalieparis