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I’ve always been morally against plastic surgery until I held up a magnifying glass to my face this afternoon and realized that I am less fugly with bigger features. So I’ve decided to get eyeball-enlargement surgery at 9am, unless there are more than 5 objections.

Yom Kippur is when Jews give charity, fast and try to get some clarity. Wishing you all whether Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, atheist or other a peaceful year of love, tolerance and empathy for one another. #celebrityattemptingtobespiritual

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  • Congratulations ‘Man of the Year’ now can you empty the kitty litter? There’s a bit of cat-shite on the carpet @sachabaroncohen

    This is why Instagram friends are so much better than real ones

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  • Me doing one of my subtlest performances #yourewelcome

    Shana Tova. Happy New year. Wishing you all a happy and sweet new year. Peace, joy and happiness to everybody.#happyjewyear

    Married to one of the GQ Men of the year, unfortunately not John Legend @albertaferretti 👠 @casadeiofficial clutch @emmkuony @chopard

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  • Off to my hubby’s GQ #manoftheyear award #proudwifey. @ladydaymakeup @perrinerougemonthair style by @micahmarcus @albertaferretti jewels by @chopard

    Happy 70th mum ❤️ #eddiefish #dannyfish

    BONJOUR 🇫🇷

    Farewell Austria! #familyroadtrip enjoying Europe while we are still in it

    #nationaldogday WTF? Cats like me were worshipped in Ancient Egypt, we are cleaner than dogs, less demanding and perform cunnilingus on ourselves up to twelve times an hour! C’mon the United Nations - we deserve our own day? #pussypower


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