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🌞me or the lifestyle 🌴

a less tragic Thelma & Louise (we think )(we hope )

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  • unlike my soul, these lil babies have survived the winter

    King Kong & Godzilla are an iconic duo. Happy Vikki Day ✨

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  • On Sundays, we add Givenchy Coats & Helmut Lang Jeans to our shopping bag & on Monday’s we click ‘clear cart’

    Pretty sure I was meant to wake up to 22 by Taylor Swift but instead it was hunger, knotty hair and a bladder about to burst. Happy Birthday 2 me

    I wanna say she’s taking a big gulp of her chai, but she’s actually hiding her mouth for a reason I shall not say because she’ll back hand me from across the table ☕️ #tabletalkswithjess

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  • Mum was probably voicing her concern about my fascination with serial killers and the Mandela Effect #tabletalkswithjess

    a beach walk in torrential rain

    Me & my bedrooms 6 month anniversary 💗💗💗 big love

    I like this place very very much