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these pics are 2014-2018 but ill be with him till the end of the line (yes i used a captain america stucky reference : ) this collage is highkey a mess tbh but i made it at like 3am so oh well u know it's the thought that counts!😌i feel so grateful to be one of the many millions of people who get to witness the journey/success you've had and will continue having but ur so talented kid like it's actually insane deciding to stanning u was one of the best choices ive ever made actually ever and ill never regret it tbh it's had such an impact on my life and happiness like if it wasn't for u i would've never met all the great friends i have now that i met thru you mostly! (ik ur never gonna read this but im writing it like u are lmao ) anyways for the last time! HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY SHAWN💙💙

i took this on halloween 2015 at like not even kidding like 4amskjddkd i was so extra at 15 but im still extra at 18 so not much has changed huh but anyways I was SO excited for this show and i was right to be omg i saw shawn AND CAMILA y'all know how i feel about camila! if u don't idk what to tell u lmfaooo but seeing them together literally made me hyperventilate like it was so bad i love them and their friendship so much it's the perfect combo for me two of my favorite people ever to live on plant earth (how is this literally turning into a shamila appreciation post i- ) but anyways ill always be extra like this for him forever he was 16 in this and now he's 20 and i will still do this when he's like 40 bc I'll never stop being so immensely proud of him and how he's come at a young age like this ok anyways this is getting too long bye LMFAOO this was just to complete the row but u know what im glad i found this again ugh im so emo happy 20th birthday again! for the second time..there will be a third obvi bc the row!😋

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  • just the annual selfie spam i do for all of his birthdays the past few years but this time a row 😌 anyways happy 20th birthday wtf u still look 15 sometimes but act like 35 skskks crazy how much has changed in all the years i've been supporting u wtf but one thing that hasn't changed is ur appreciation for ur fans which is why we have so many pics together so thanks for that! (even tho it'd be nice to talk once in a while smh but do u i guess! ) love u sososososo much <3

    finishing the row

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  • if im dreaming baby please don't wake me up ☁️🌙 p.s. probably gonna fall asleep after posting this so im finishing this row tomorrow bye 💤💙

    i haven't posted in my two months and this is my icon so 🤷🏻‍♀️

    happy 21st birthday camilaaaa bitch omg ur officially legal now for everything go have fun!!! ur always working but u deserve to have the best day ever today (u always do but ) I love u sososososo much im sure u know. 2017 was such an amazing year for you and 2018 is gonna be even better it's already started amazing with the success ur debut album has had btw release week was so good thank u again for inviting me to the youtube space event it was so intimate and funny you made it so emo but so fun at the same time it was a perfect balance but anyways never change ur one of the sweetest most authentic people in the industry and that ive ever met honestly but this is forever i will never stop supporting u no matter what anyone says about u i always got u ilysm <3

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  • they are prettymuch (woohoo ) the coolest dudes! 💛

    so i look possessed but u know whatever anyways go listen my girlys album! thanks! and ur welcome 🦋

    she pretty much owns my whole heart there's nothing i wouldn't do for this girl 😩🦋💙 #CAMILA

    this is pic is lowkey gross but it's the only 2017 i have of all of us sO but anyways it's so weird that these losers are finally 18 now omg wow yes legal club!1!1!1! lmaoo no but really like i became a fan when we were all 15 we literally grew up together (aw ) but u guys are still the stupid lil jersey boys i started stanning back then and u better never change and keep being ur weird ass awkward ass selves ok ok cool this is getting long so im gonna go bye love u so much! (ur never gonna read this but ) 💙🌹💚

    happy 18th gray!💚omg can u believe this photo was taken in 2015 wow time flies so fast but my love for u and e will never change (ew that's so cheesy but it's true ) anyways i love u so much bye