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Y’all may have already heard, but the #spnfamily is getting behind our badass candidate for the Texas 31st district @mjfortexas in a big way... She’s an incredible fighter for issues that matter to all of us (not to mention a combat vet ) and Congress needs many more women just like her. Please consider checking out the link in my bio to learn more about MJ and support her race if yall can spare anything at all... she needs our help urgently. The #SPN cast will be matching all donations up to our $40,000 goal. And if you happen to live in the area... VOTE MJ !!! Thanks y’all!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Gotta say, @nina is a CHAMP!!! #austin @nina

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  • You’re welcome @misha thanks for the help @jensenackles !!! Donation link is here!!!

    Who’s coming with me?!?! I hope to see y’all there on Thursday : ). I’ll buy you a cassette tape! 😜 #StereoType #GrandOpening #WooHoo!

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  • Blasting into Monday like....

    Alright @danneelackles512 I accept!!! As you know by now, I always feel AWESOME in an awesome beanie and a cozy hoodie (even during the summer!! What’s wrong with me?!?! ). And, yes, I did “borrow” this hoodie from @jensenackles and, no, I won’t give it back 😜. Time for @stephenamell @realadamrose and @robenedict to join #theawesomechallenge and help @rocketsofawesome with their support of @baby2baby

    How wonderful life is when you have no idea what’s to come.... hah. Thanks for all the birthday wishes y’all. Today was a pretty rough day, but I know there’s love out there somewhere. Til next time. #akf #spnfamily

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  • Love it!!! Thanks @tvguidemagazine and happy #WBSDCC y’all!! And, of course, happy #friday13th 😳😳 @jensenackles @misha @alex8calvert #supernaturalseason14 #akf

    Hey @jensenackles I ACCEPT!! (Sorry I’m a day late 😳 ) #flex4forces #Sky’sOutThighsOut #FlyFishing #Idaho #CatchAndRelease

    Happy one year anniversary of @nowandgen !! So proud of my better half. Head over to her page to check out her celebratory giveaways ! : ) )

    I can’t believe the life I get to live. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to give breath and a soul (most of the time ) to my dear friend Sam Winchester. But, I’m even more grateful for the families and friendships this show has helped create and nurture. Tonight was a night I’ll never forget. Thank you to everybody involved in making it happen, and thank you to Mayor Adler for your incredible friendship and support. I love you all.