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As everyone knows today is Veterans Day and our owner @joeyfazio13 who is a disabled veteran himself would like to take these next two days, the 11th and the 12th to give a special 50% discount in honor of our Veterans off any product on our website! I also want to personally thank all our Veterans out there and also all the supporters of our amazing military who give us the freedom we have today😊 God bless and Happy Veterans Day🇺🇸🇺🇸. #usmc #army #navy #usaf #coastguard #reserves #woundedwarriors #uso #dav #veteransday #vet #thankyou @fitstrongsupps

New York, New York😎 Be back soon😉#newyork

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  • Tomorrow night is the finale of Floribama Friday and we’re gonna end it like we started it, @nillythesquid and I partying till they kick us out😎 @fitstrongsupps presents the finale tonight @dakotabaraz with speciality shots and some incredible people. Come see us tomorrow night @dakotabaraz everyone😊

    📍NY With my girl @aimeeelizabethhall

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  • I’ve been working out for the past 5 years and I have not found a supplement line that I stand behind more than @fitstrongsupps It truly is a remarkable brand that I support to the fullest. Check it out for yourself and click the link in my bio to see what products we offer and use code “JEREMIAH” to take 25% off your entire order😁. Dm me if you have any questions about our supplements 👊🏻💪🏼

    Well @fitstrongsupps and Floribama Friday @dakotabaraz is already back again and tomorrow night @code_eye10 will be joining me in the festivities. Come party with Codi and I and get discounted prices on supplements. Let The Gainz Begin💪🏼 #az #scottsdale #dakota #fitstrong #partytime #floribamafriday #areyoucoming #fridaynight

    Unfortunately there’s a bug going around so I won’t be going out for Halloween🤧 But you know me, every time I go to the gym it seems I’m dressed like Captain America🇺🇸 So Happy Halloween guys and be safe! #captainamerica #gym #attire #sick #feelingbetter #happyhalloween #besafe #sendit

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  • Attack everyday with everything you have, without fear of failure, leaving everyday satisfied not by the outcome but by the effort! Be proud of your work and your commitment to giving it your all until you have nothing left. Happy Tuesday everyone. #commitment #effort #giveityourall #leadbyexample #hardestworkerintheroom #alpha

    Floribama Friday’s is back and it’s during @dakotabaraz Apocalypse Halloween Weekend..... If that’s not enough I’ll be guest bar tending and making a signature shot for the evening😋, and @_k0nigi will be drinking all the shots I make🤣😜 Hosted by @fitstrongsupps it’s going to be quite the night, so don’t miss out and be there tomorrow night😎

    Missing Home for a lot of reason, but one of them is this guy in the middle of @joshua_buoni and I. That man right there is @jordan_pilarski and he’s is definitely a ride or die! I’m blessed to have so many amazing individuals in my life and I’m grateful he’s one of them! Miss you buddy aka chef handsome aka JORDYYYY🤣👊🏻. Who else misses home?🧐 #shoutout #missinghome #recognition #family #grateful #chefhandsome #celebritychef #jordy #strongcircle #loyalty #memories #studs

    When this picture was first taken I knew in my mind that Joey, Josh and I were going to accomplish and achieve anything we set out to do! What I didn’t realize was the support system I had from a man who’s only obligation to me was to be my manager. Through all the ups and downs we’ve been through together a deep bond was created! A bond that brought a great level of respect and love to a man who wasn’t blood, but now all I see is another brother who is blood to me! These birthday wishes go out to my manager, my partner, but most of all My Brother! Happy Birthday @joeyfazio13 I’m extremely grateful to have you in my life bro👊🏻 . #brothers #bond #loyalty #strength #myfamily #love #fitstrongfamily #memories #destiny

    Sometimes when you’re in the gym you got to get mean with that weight🤬😈 The one place where I’m able to take my frustrations and turn it into something positive is the gym! What’s your one place? #gym #my #one #place #find #yours #veins #equal #gains . You got to get that frustration out somehow, just make it positive!👊🏻💪🏼


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