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🗣The real GAME meant to be SOLD not TOLD tho #FreeGame #💎💎💎 #TheWhyIS🔑

Im da Dope💨💥da 8oat🛳🛳 pushed🚀🚀

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  • This some real BS😡..This image alone is a 1000 wrds.. I just heard a clip from the accusers..smfh..I have so much to say on this topic. I kno we gotta accept the things we cant change, but this some really fuccery. He should def appeal this conviction, remain solid(alive ) and come out in 3 years.💪💪💪

    🗣🗣SaY Dat

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  • 🗣I said "$10 Tank 5" ... she gives me "$10 Take 5"😔😔😌😌. GODS PLAN??🤔🤔.. If this da winning ticcet, we Supa Saviii💪💪. If not, bacc to regular programming😩😩😩😂😂

    Grandma smiling hard for once😁😁😁

    I never graduated from my HS, I couldn't remain focus when it was my time. So to watch my brother accomplish this award really means a lot. Super Proud right now. My brother remained humble,stayed in his own lane, and created his own path. How can I not respect that. 👑 💙💪💙👑 #CongratsLilBro

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  • 🗣🗣Only Results Matter 🎖🎖🎖💪💪💪

    Happy C Day 3 da 🐐🐐🐐 #MoreLife #MoreBlessings #FreeDaReal🔓 #LivingLegend🏆

    Put dat 6ullshit to da side on IIIN$VN3X, cuz its time my nigga. If you aint talkiiin 6out m2v3n foward, nevermiiind my nigga. Im timeless nigga, make it hard to find to dat nigga🕵🕵🕵

    23 23 #GAMETIME

    🗣🗣Say Dat ✅✅✅

    Tru Words🎯🎯🎯... Don't let dat 💩💩💩 stop you tho. Pressure makes💎💎💎 #M2V3N

    Happy Mothers Day and more Blessing to my 👑Queen👑...if it wasn't for you I wouldnt be here. We argue and fight hard, but we love even harder. Our bond will never be broken even when we say the most DEVIOUS things to each other😩🎯. I will alwayz 💪Protect💪 and 💙LUVYOU💙

    🗣Save it ALL. dats da way 3 STACC #M2V3N🚼

    🗣Its III💤, Y💤, and Babi23💤🚼♿ ova here❗ #StayDangerous👍👈


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