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I just got a Lifeprint because In a world where every thing I do is digital is nice to have something real. I <3 this little thing @lifeprintphoto #LifePrint #prgalleria #photography

Never to young to start 👌🏻 so happy fallscreek have so many hire options even little miss could try a board #fallscreek #snowboarding #snow 🏂+👶🏻=🥇?

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  • Cooking with Jesse. Today we are making a crisp pair of #rockstarNMDs in this totally serious and not because I have to much free time episode of ‘Cooking with Jesse’ 👨‍🍳+👟+🔋=💕🔥 @rockstarenergy @adidas @adidasau

    99 posts what I’ve learnt - I’ve gained over 20,000 followers, some days I loose 50 - 100 others I gain the same amount or slightly more. i realised posting more or less doesn’t seem to effect how many people follow me. I still have no idea what makes someone love or hate a picture, some shots get 3000 likes others barley pass 500 even if I post at the same time of day and the same day of the week & the more followers you gain the less people seem to like your posts as a ratio. #tags seem to be good for getting lots of accounts advertising things to you. Brands offer you a lot of free things but don’t pay much until you have at least 15k -20k followers. It gets really hard to think off something original to post or wright with a photo, and you want to post less because you feel like nothing you post will be original….99 posts…..

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  • Getting ready for the @anytimefitness_seaford 8 week challenge starting next week! I don’t normally post shots like this but I wanted to Hold my self accountable & make sure I push my self 💪🏼 #fitness #gym #selfie

    American Netflix! I finally found out how to get all the extra shows only on American and UK Netflix 😮 literally 3 clicks to get it to run it’s so simple. Ill put a link in the bio of my page for a few days if you want to grab it too (not sponsored ) #netflix #freedom #america

    Strawberry picking 🍓 with little miss 😘 #dad #life

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  • The dad life pics are probably getting a bit old.. but the dad life comments are as fresh as ever 👌🏻 Athena: Dad, can you put my shoes on? Me: No, I don’t think they’ll fit me. #dad #dadlife #puns

    I miss the days when every post was about something arbitrary followed by a miss quoted statement from a 200 hundred year old famous person. #life #eight #quote

    I’ve traveled the world and still think adelaide has the best beaches #Adelaide #jettyjumping #beach

    Every time my little girl sees something new and her eyes widen in excitement, I feel like I’m experiencing happiness for the first time #dadlife #love

    SNAP CHAT? So i have never liked snap chat as a platform or service. It never felt like it offered anything more than current platforms.. i said 6 months ago that it will die or be bought out by a bigger company and looking at the drop in users that’s definitely happening. I’m putting my 💰 on it being acquired within the next 12 months. But still SNAP: #snapchat #business #facebook

    My Valentine’s 😘 #love #family #valentinesday

    <3 #dadlife